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Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry Online at Rananjay Exports

by Emerson Martinez on Sep 13, 2022


Keeping a bunch of jewelry pieces gives you a unique look while attending any party or event. And when gemstones are added to such a collection, it works like the cherry on the cake. So, Gemstone Jewelry is one of the preferable components picked up by every jewel enthusiast as their first choice, especially for women. Ranging from gemstone rings to earrings, necklaces to pendants are the option that one can use. In addition, many exercise Gemstone Jewelry to get the healing sides of the crystals. Continue reading →

Top 4 Ensembles for the Bride's Sister

by Nidhi Garg on Sep 15, 2022


If you are the sister of the bride, you have the most important role in the wedding - being the caretaker of the bride. While you may be busy in prepping your sister’s bridal trousseau, don’t forget to begin exploring for your own outfits. You must not only stand out at the occasion as the third most important person at the wedding; your outfit must be synchronized with the bride too. Here is some inspiration for perfect designer ensembles for each event that ensure that all eyes fall on you. FLAMINGO PARADISE LEHENGA SET  Link   Let your clothes speak of your happiness with this beautiful lehenga set. From intricate detailing to comfort fit, Anita Dongre brings to you the perfect outfit with a blend of modern sensibility and traditional elements. The flowing frame of the lehengas is light and freeing, and the sleeveless choli has delicate embroidery. This lightweight gorgeous lehenga is perfect to move around with ease and elegance. Dance at your sister’s ... Continue reading →

by Frames Fashion on Sep 16, 2022


Glasses are no more limited to essentials. Nowadays, people even wear glasses to reflect their unique styles. There is not a single doubt that glasses make you look different and, in most cases, innocent & adorable. Hence, everyone loves having a charming glass look. Moreover, the demand for mens rimless glasses and more is also increasing every day. However, people still make mistakes while choosing a perfect glass for themselves. Here are a few common mistakes that people usually make. Choosing the Wrong Glass Frame Shape: According to current trends, choosing a contrasting glass frame shape is better for your face shape. For example, if you have a round shape, you can go with an oval, rectangular, or square glass frame shape. But sometimes, people do not have enough ideas about their face shape and what kind of frame would suit them. As a result, they choose lesser complementing glass frames. Moreover, they could not get the expected looks. Therefore, it will be ... Continue reading →

by Frames Fashion on Sep 16, 2022


People follow many fashion hacks. The fashion hacks can help them stand out. Out of the many fashion hacks, some unadorned hacks can change appearance. One of the simple fashion hacks is rimless glasses. The glasses are supposed to be boring. Mostly they end up generating an opinion for a person. However, rimless glasses are the ultimate fashion hack. Here are some benefits of rimless titanium glasses.   They are Lightweight    The rimless glasses are the most preferred fashion hack. They are perfect for any occasion. They are often considered fashionable accessories by many celebrities like Kit Harrington. It is hard to believe how a simple rimless glass can change the entire look of the face. They are the perfect styling hack because they are lightweight. Usually, the glasses are heavy and bulky because of the broad frames. However, the rimless glasses are free from any boundaries. Thus, they give a new and stylish look without any heavy accessories.   They ... Continue reading →

by Donnell Dean on Sep 19, 2022


Almost all the people prefer to invest heavily in wedding jewelries. There are several advantages that can be found from these jewelries and it will rightly make a great contribution on your way to deliver the best possible result that can make something more interesting. This is the reason why you need to make it clear that the entire solution would be based on your selection procedure. When it comes to making sure that, the entire solution would make a great contribution to the right kind of style and look. There is 14 karat gold band available in the market which is continuously designed to meet all these needs of the people who are newly going to wed. Once you have started your entire selection process according to your need, it would be the right choice to get them all and should make something more interesting with the help of the right kind of approach. These are a few things that truly inspire the people regarding the perfect and anticipated things that would rightly make a ... Continue reading →

Get a Silver Rhodochrosite jewelry  at wholesale price.

by Elvire Calone on Sep 19, 2022


Rhodochrosite is a beautiful gemstone that keeps a delicate pinkish-red color. This enchanting gemstone makes a beautiful collection of Rhodochrosite jewelry. The elegant charm of this gemstone makes it the first choice for all jewelry lovers. It can be the best addition to your silver jewelry collection. You can find the best collection of Rhodochrosite jewelry like earrings, rings, and many more. Gemexi has a wide collection of wholesale rhodochrosite jewelry at the best price.     Continue reading →

by Skull Riderz on Sep 19, 2022


Have you always had a passion for biking? Are you confused about whether you should get a kevlar shirt or not? Such protective gear is surely something you should invest in. This would help you stay safe and always ride your bike in style. Hence, you should stock these biking gear and accessories from a reliable biking store. However, there are a lot of myths floating around about biker shirts. Knowing the truth behind them is necessary before forming your opinion and making any decision.   Myth: Biker shirts look odd in public settings   Several people feel that if they invest in biker shirts, they may not look great when they wear them to any event or go out in public. However, they're sadly mistaken. Biker shirts can look stylish and classy too. All you need to do is get it from a reliable store that understands how to combine style, comfort, and safety to create one outstanding product.   Myth: Biker shirts are heavy and look bulky   Another ... Continue reading →

4 Wardrobe Essential Your Boys Can't Do Without

by Rahul on Sep 19, 2022


The most fundamental part of any wardrobe is focusing on the basics, be it with kids or adults. Something about your little one’s fashion concept that depends on you. It's crucial to make your little one’s wardrobe effortlessly stylish without going too overboard.   From crib to college, few rules decide the little one’s personality, and clothing is certainly one of the most vital factors. So, when choosing your kid’s wardrobe, make sure they become an extension of their personality. After all, your wardrobe reflects your taste, background, and your status symbol, as well. With plenty of offline and online shopping for kidswear in India, it becomes a big task to choose the best style fits. Here are a few absolute must-have wardrobe staples your kid must own.    White Shirt A plain white shirt is a brand logo printed on is simply a statement in itself. A white shirt is that versatile wardrobe addition that effortlessly elevates every look ... Continue reading →

by Skull Riderz on Sep 20, 2022


Riding a bike is a thrilling activity for many. And another thrilling activity associated with it for bike riders is gearing up with the best riding outfits. True bike riders know the danger and risks associated with bike rides. Hence, they understand the need to wear a protective armored riding shirt, jacket, vest, and trousers. But many people who neglect protection avoid wearing these for several reasons. On the other hand, expert riders know the importance of this gear. They also love how the features of armored shirts and other outfits make their riding experience more comfortable.   Testimonial-1:   Drake loved riding bikes. He made sure to wear armored outfits whenever he rode his bike. But he often got disappointed because the quality did not satisfy him. His jackets and shirts were worn out often. But once he found an online store that offered the best armored motorcycle shirt and jackets. The protective shirt has undergone several testing to ensure ... Continue reading →

by Chris Babb on Sep 20, 2022


As one of the most noticeable features on your body, your hair plays a significant role in your appearance and self-confidence. While you might not have full control over genetics, there are many factors that affect the health of your hair and there are simple steps you can take to make sure it stays looking fabulous. Here are some tips from the top hair stylists in Albuquerque on how to maintain your hair and keep it looking great. Apply Hair Mask Every Week Treat your hair well. Invest in a hair mask that does wonders for dry and damaged tresses, follow with a deep conditioning treatment once a week for an extra hit of moisture. A good hair mask should be left on for about 15 minutes before being rinsed out, so set aside some time every week when you can enjoy your favorite TV show or movie while taking care of your hair! Take Better Care Of Your Ends The ends of your hair are one of its weakest parts. After all, it's constantly being broken off from brushing, blow-drying, and ... Continue reading →

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