Top 5 Latest Abaya Dresses Collection

by Alita Pleat on Mar 10, 2021


Have you always imagined the latest abaya designs but never really knew where to begin? Don't know how to give your wardrobe a comprehensive makeover?    Keep reading...!   Fashion is a beautiful amalgamation of local cultures and modern elements. Abayas are clothes common to Muslim women living across the globe.    Abayas dresses have emerged over the years, acquiring from modern and popular trends. Abayas dresses are the perfect apparel for anyone who needs to go with the latest trends.   Abayas dresses are a beautiful shawl that is carried by women in the UAE and is also known as the national dress. It’s usually come in black and covers the complete body except for the face, feet, and hands.   We feature an enormous collection of Women's Clothing Abaya that is easy to care for and comfortable in wearing.   These top 5 latest abaya dresses that must-have in your wardrobe.   #1 Abaya With Mutton Sleeve   Fabric: 100% ... Continue reading →

Upcoming fashion trends for little ones this winter

by Ashu Soin on Mar 15, 2021


Fashion consciousness is steadily on rise. The present-day society is more mindful about style and fashion than those of the past. As a result those days are gone when kids had no better choice than wearing the same few outfits for months together. Modern kids are just as advanced in fashion as adults are. Considering this commercial prospect an entire industry has come up to cater to these needs. Kids fashion industry deals in a wide range of clothing merchandises starting from fairy tale costumes to different varieties of jeans and ofcourse everything in between. Thus unlike that in the past now children have innumerable options to choose from in fashion aspect. But as the saying goes, the more options in hand the more confused one is. Moreover, just like in adult fashion, trends keep coming and going in the world of kids fashion too. As a responsible parent you must be aware about the latest fashion trends to deck up your little sweetheart smartly in every occasion. At a quick ... Continue reading →

by Alita Pleat on Mar 17, 2021


  Have you ever wondered why a few couples and families look so good with each other? The reason is their clothing. The Alita Pleat online clothing store is in trend right now. It presents a perfect way to express your feelings to your friends, family, and loved ones in the best way possible. The Alita Pleat online Store has taken this clothing style to the next level. The Alita Pleat has tons of collections dedicated to the UAE lifestyle. This season let your family members and loved ones feel the happiness of being special with our latest fashion trends clothing.   In this article, we will talk about a few of the best-pleated design clothing that is best suitable for pairing or gifting. These outfits are the most suitable for occasions such as family parties, family gatherings, dates, family trips, and vacations. Go through the vast design collection of Alita Pleat clothing and express your feelings to the fullest. Now let's talk about some of the best collections from ... Continue reading →

5 Beautiful Ramadan Iftar Outfit Ideas For 2021!

by Alita Pleat on Mar 22, 2021


Ramadan or Ramazan is here, and it's obeyed by Muslims globally as a month of fasting, prayer, contemplation, and friendship. Meanwhile, you may be admiring the most beautiful ideas to dress during this holy month. For many individuals, It is essential to stay fashionable along with respecting the Holy month, the culture, and traditions of the Muslim majority country they live in! Eid is an exceptional moment for the whole Islamic people to meet up & understand each other with promises of brotherhood, fraternity, and kindness.  Ramadan Dresses: Combining Comfort & Fashion Ramadan is the best time to wear the latest new clothes and look your best.  Eid is the day when you can enjoy treats and try out fashionable Eid dresses. With the ending of Ramadan, you look ahead to festivals, parties, and beautiful fashion wear. But choosing the latest trendy outfit can be quite confusing with so many trending alternatives. Take your chance of honoring and enjoying Ramzan to ... Continue reading →

Finding T-Shirt, Cap, Tote Bags Printing In Singapore

by Provision Print on Mar 24, 2021


Do you know that finding the right T-shirt, cap, or tote bag printing company or agency in Singapore is highly essential? Do you know that it can help you as a business owner to have more satisfied and happy employees? Well if you don’t know then it is important to first know why is that you need to hire the best corporate gifting agency that can help you to print custom printed bags, t-shirt, caps, and varieties of other dress materials. Knowing why hiring the right t-shirt and bag printing company in Singapore is important? Within the corporate industry and being a business owner your thoughts, actions, and plans are executed successfully by your employees. You see it is the management that is responsible for making the right decisions and goals but unless those action plans are executed perfectly your business will not be profitable. It is thus the credit of the employees who work day in and day out to execute the goals of the company. And thus they also rightfully deserve ... Continue reading →

2 crucial tips to remember while buying leather jackets

by Alen Cooper on Mar 30, 2021


Jackets made of leather are one of the most versatile items for any functional wardrobe whether for men or women. And this fact remains the same till the very beginning of times. Why this range of jackets is so versatile and timeless? That is because you can style in a large number of ways including both formal and casual. There are lots of people, including celebrities, who wear it with denim and give a more casual look. But you can easily wear it in combination of a proper dress or a skirt as well. When you wear it with a proper dress or skirt you not only appear formal but that also adds a raw vibe to your overall appearance to define your signature style. To cut a long story short, every man and woman walking under the sun must have at least one leather jacket. In the following sections of this article let us explore 2 basic tips to help you find the best of these jackets so that you look most appealing and impressive.    2 basic tips worth remembering Right fitting is ... Continue reading →

by Level clothing on Apr 1, 2021


Are you aware of the concept of Hoodies? It is one of the best and comfortable cloth. With ever-changing fashion trends, one can utilize it as the main dress and wear with some complementing bottoms which are very much in trend. Making a fashion statement and looking extraordinary striking will not take much time, all you need is to get hoodies available online and mix them well with some good pair of bottoms. These hoodies are wearable for any casual day and available in various color ranges along with different sizes that will perfectly suit your body type.  Buy Women's Hoodies Online Confidence comes from inner strength and the same can be said for hoodies just because they can give you a funky look, every woman loves to flaunt their sleek and slim figure and it can be achieved with hoodies subtly. Every woman desires to look nothing less than a celebrity and this garment can enhance their self-belief and makes them feel more gorgeous, with all this, one can achieve that ... Continue reading →

Ramadan Outfit Ideas For 2021 - Outfit Trends

by Alita Pleat on Apr 1, 2021


The holy month of Ramadan is eventually here!   It is an excellent time to pray, request for all that your heart desires, time to relish the special meal of Iftar and Suhoor.    However, aside from all this, have you decided what the different outfits that you will be wearing this Ramadan? If not, then don't worry we have researched some fabulous options for you.   Before knowing what to wear in Ramadan Here are a few essential points that you have to keep in mind during this holy month of Ramadan:   Wearing tight clothing and showing skin is strictly forbidden for this month. Keep Abaya along with long cardigans for layering. Accessorizing is essential while going to Iftar parties. Wearing a hijab or not is entirely your decision. Keep the selection of footwear simple and classy Try the latest hijab styles for Ramadan Parties.   What To Wear in Ramadan?   #1 Abaya With Mutton Sleeve     #2 Dorothy Multi-Layer Drape Sleeves ... Continue reading →

Few vital features to look out for while buying genuine leather jackets

by Alen Cooper on Apr 2, 2021


Motorcycle jackets have been a quintessential item for any functional closet for ages together. Even to this day and time the trend seems even more vibrant and powerful. While investing in this range of appealing and stylish clothing items one considers three things in the mind – versatility or stylishness, durability and cost. In the following sections of the blog post let us explore few more crucial aspects that you cannot afford to ignore while buying the range of stylish dressing items.   First of all you have to consider the fitting option. This range of jackets comes under two broad categories – more closely tailored or aggressive fit design and standard or roomy fit. The former is obviously more preferred by biking community. Pick your choice based on your preference and the kind of riding you do.  1) Rough outer material – the outer surface or shell of these jackets is exposed to all kinds of challenges thrown by weather, wind and particles on the ... Continue reading →

Things to consider before buying shearling fur coats

by Alen Cooper on Apr 7, 2021


Shearling coats are a timeless trend in both men’s and women’s fashion. The clothing range is the quintessential item for any functional closet for ages together. In fact the craze for this variety of plush winter dressing items is so robust that the items are often passed on to younger generations as family heirloom. But why is this variety of clothing products so overwhelmingly popular? Well, there are more factors to it than you can count. Let us explore few of those in the following lines of the blog post. Reasons of popularity 1) Durability and easy to maintain – The fabric is undeniably strong and rugged compared to many other fabrics. In other words, clothing items made of it requires minimal care and maintenance to last for years at a stretch. 2) Warm and comfortable – The fabric offers significant warmth and comfort even in extreme cold weather. In fact it is warmer than duck or goose down. The fabric is suitable for geographical regions that ... Continue reading →

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