by Prapti on Aug 20, 2021


Every day, as the Internet increases connectivity around the world, it appears that the world has a limitless supply of new art, movies, and other media. K Pop, otherwise Korean pop music, is one of the most electrifying aspects of this fascinating culture. Due to the popularity of K-pop, Kpop merchandise is in a bloom. Here, we have mentioned why K-pop is popular. Colour Theory and Costumes The inventive use of colour and costumes in music videos is one of the possessions that K Pop excels at. When North America was only beginning to be industrialised hundreds of years ago, Asia already had a thriving art and graphics sector. As a result, it's no surprise that Asian pop culture, including music videos, is frequently highly sophisticated and well-considered. The use of special effects, clothing, make-up, and other elements is always in service of a larger theme and concept. Storytelling Another mode that K Pop maintains its reputation is through the use of exceptional ... Continue reading →

by Prapti on Aug 20, 2021


While you order Kpop merch, there are some products that aren't worth the money. Have you ever seen a tweet or a post promoting new Kpop merchandise and thought to yourself, "Are you kidding me?" “Would you like me to spend money on it?” If you are a Kpop fan, you can't think how many times you have looked around your room and puzzled why you bought anything or lamented the loss of money spent on a K-pop item you will never use (or even look at). So, in case, you have made the same mistakes similar to other Kpop fans did, here is a list of K-pop merchandise that is worth your money! Fan Site or Fan Artist Merch Fan artists and fan sites (the good ones that don't stalk) put in a lot of effort to create amazing content, and some of them even go to the bother of supporting the groups or charities that you care about. PLUS! It's absolutely worth it because the things they manufacture are lovely and frequently less expensive than ... Continue reading →

by Prapti on Aug 20, 2021


Right now, the Korean entertainment sector is thriving. Korean music and television have a global appeal that is expanding beyond Asia and even into Europe and North America. The term "Hallyu" has been used to describe the current boom in Korean cultural popularity. It is known as Korean wave and it refers to the way Korean entertainment is spreading over the world. Nowadays, the Kdrama merch is also becoming popular among the fans. There are a variety of reasons why non-Koreans are so interested in Korean dramas. Some of the most prevalent reasons why people become K-drama fans are as follows: Eye candy Drama stars are extremely gorgeous. There's a reason why Korean dramas have so many "broody shower sequences" and "princess for a day makeovers." It has a cultural appeal as well as being informative (truly!). Foreign dramas allow you to learn about a different culture without having to go through the tedious process of learning. By ... Continue reading →

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Rachel Zoe said it right, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Being a teenager is hard, right from dealing with mixed emotions to presenting themselves as beautiful and sexier. Not to mention the struggles of styling the outfit. For many teenage girls, fashion is very important. Developing a sense of style with self-expression is the key for teens for progressing through their adolescence. While you spend a lot of time choosing the right out, socks is often overlooked. It’s the socks that help to express your sense of style and complements the outfit you are wearing. Knee-high unicorn socks or mermaid socks are one of the most flattering, fashionable, and practical fall or winter trends. You could wear them with almost any outfit and flats, heels, long or ankle boots, or with oxford shoes. They will look fabulous. If you are wondering how to wear knee-high socks, these tips can help:- Be Confident Whether it’s your ... Continue reading →

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Fur and Leather both are used since, ages to give weather protection as well as to make you look authentic. It also symbolizes your culture, status and defines your rich taste towards fashion. These valuable products are worth for money, provides required warmth and comfort in frosty, chilly winter days, where temperature drops down below the freezing point. Exclusive Fur Jackets for Elegant Women Original Fur Jackets are very fascinating. Human beings have fashioned Fur Jackets to stay warm in severe cold climates and also adds dignity to your personality. There are various types of fur like, Mink Fur, Fox Fur, Sable Fur, Racoon Fur, Rabbit Fur etc. When you wish to wear one of the finest fur outerwear, all you need is one of the Genuine Fur Jacket. Whether you are in a party, social gatherings or you are out all alone, a Fur Jacket will make sure to complete your look with its wide range, available all over the world. Fur attires are versatile and timeless. You can style in both the ... Continue reading →

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