by Rosario Berry on Oct 13, 2018


Bubble Tea in NYC and Manhattan is perhaps one of the greatest phenomenon in the last decade.   Gong Cha USA Franchise is an enormous Boba Tea Franchise, that has thousands of bubble tea stores all over the world. However, in 2014, Gong Cha USA opened their doors to the first Bubble Tea store in the United States in Flushing, Queens (NYC)!   Bubble Tea in NYC and Manhattan was utterly successful. People from all walks of life, were getting a taste of the Taiwanese beverage well known as Bubble Tea or Boba Tea and simply loving it. Bubble Tea is a great and fun drink, which comes available in an array of ways. You are able to get extremely creative and add different toppings and/or ingredients to your Boba Tea drink in NYC. Moreover, at a Gong Cha Bubble Tea store in NYC, you can be sure that you'll be receiving a Boba Tea beverage, which is of premium quality and taste!   Gong Cha USA Franchise takes pride in providing all their customers with prestige customer ... Continue reading →

by Rosario Berry on Oct 13, 2018


If you're looking to have the best Bubble Tea and you happen to reside in Manhattan, NYC or you're visiting the great city of NY, then you are in luck! There are so many places that you can visit that serve high end, Boba Tea drinks.   However, if you're in Manhattan, NYC - you should know that Manhattan, NYC happens to be the home away from home of the best and most popular Bubble Tea Franchise, which is Gong Cha USA Franchise.   Gong Cha USA Franchise started off in 2006 in Taiwan, which is where Boba Tea originates from.   In 2012, Gong Cha opened their first Bubble Tea store in Korea. Within two years, Gong Cha had been able to open up shop in more than 200 locations worldwide.   Finally, in 2014, Gong Cha USA Franchise graced the United States with their very awesome, nutritious and delicious Bubble Tea beverages, when they open their first Bubble Tea shop in Flushing, Queens (New York).   For this reason, NYC has always been fancied as the ... Continue reading →

by Rosario Berry on Oct 13, 2018


It's official! Bubble Tea has become the latest craze in Texas... The folk from Texas just love to have some Bubble Tea with friends and loved ones. Bubble Tea via Gong Cha USA Franchise has touched the people of Texas in a similar fashion as Gong Cha Bubble Tea took the streets of NYC by storm... It truly comes as no surprise, as Gong Cha is the best Bubble Tea worldwide and it's primarily responsible for introducing the delicious Taiwanese beverage to American Culture!   With that being said, we're quite certain that it's safe to say, that this latest craze of Bubble Tea in Texas is a result of Gong Cha USA Franchise opening up its doors to an array of cities in Texas. Each city in Texas has embraced the gift that the Taiwanese drink truly is... and for this reason, Bubble Tea has become some sort of staple in Texas.   Boba Tea is a fun and tasty drink that brings a lot of joy to people, as Boba Tea is a super fun and delicious drink served with an overly ... Continue reading →

by Rosario Berry on Oct 13, 2018


It's no big secret that Gong Cha USA Franchise has taken the United States by storm and Massachusetts, Boston is no exception. In Fact, Boston and Allston, Massachusetts, recently joined the Gong Cha USA Franchise.   Just as expected, the people of Boston were extremely welcoming of Gong Cha and best selling Bubble Tea. Gong Cha happens to be responsible for the best Boba Tea drinks nationwide -- possibly internationally.   The fact of the matter is that Boston is one of the lucky cities in the USA, who has been gifted with the best selling Bubble Tea - Gong Cha Boba drinks. Gong Cha recently opened up shop in Boston and Allston Massachusetts. People were just smitten with Gong Cha Boba drinks. Not only are they delicious, but they're fun filled beverages, which bring a lot of joy to people. It's no wonder why Boba Tea has become such a craze in the United States!   Gong Cha USA Franchise is a sensation in the industry ever since they opened shop in NYC in ... Continue reading →

by Rosario Berry on Nov 14, 2018


Perhaps when you read the title to this article, you thought to yourself - “doesn’t NYC already have enough Gong Cha Bubble Milk Tea Shops?” Well, although that may be somewhat true, Gong Cha has become such a big part of the Big Apple, that there could never be enough Gong Cha Boba Tea shops. Gong Cha Bubble Tea is on high demand in different areas of NYC. Moreover, Gong Cha Bubble Tea has become part of NYC culture. It’s a movement of sorts, which has united many different people from different cultures.   However, Gong Cha USA Franchise has become a tremendously nationwide known Bubble Tea Franchise, that now you can find other Gong Cha Bubble Milk Tea shops in other states such as:   New Jersey Massachusetts Texas   With various locations in these states, which indicates that Gong Cha is headed in the same direction that it took in NYC, which would be absolutely great as there quite a few states in the USA, that are actively waiting for the ... Continue reading →

by Rosario Berry on Nov 14, 2018


There’s a number of reasons why Gong Cha tea shops are the leading Boba Tea franchise in the world. To begin with, they prepare all their teas with only the highest quality teas. The same goes for all their other Boba Tea ingredients. In addition, they brew all their teas every four hours to ensure freshness. The same is done with Gong Cha Tapioca Pearls, as they will cook Tapioca balls every four hours, as well. You can be sure that when you get a Boba Tea beverage form a Gong Cha tea shop, that you’ll be having a freshly made, high quality tea beverage.   If all this wouldn’t suffice - Gong Cha Boba tea shops offer their customers an array of different flavors of tea. Moreover, they have a vast variety of Bubble Tea Series, which are all mouth watering delicious!   Below you’ll find just some of the many different flavors of tea that you can choose from when you visit a Gong Cha tea shop:   Green Tea Black Tea Oolong Tea Winter Melon Oolong Tea ... Continue reading →

by Rosario Berry on Nov 14, 2018


Gong Cha Franchise USA is the best and leading Bubble Milk tea franchise in the world, because from the very beginning Gong Cha has always strived to be the best at what they do. They’ve been able to achieve such by providing their customers with a vast selection of different flavored teas that are also, of high quality.   Gong Cha USA Franchise is utterly committed in providing their loyal customers and visitors with nothing short from the best Bubble Milk Tea beverages in the nation!   Moreover, Gong Cha is well known for their array of tasty Boba Tea series, which feature some very creative and delicious Bubble Milk Tea beverages in the industry.   Listed below you’ll find just a few of the many different flavors of tea that Gong Cha Bubble Tea Shops have to offer:   Chai Tea Black Tea Green Tea Oolong Tea Earl Grey Tea Ginger Tea Winter Melon Tea Tie-Guan Yin Oolong Bi-Luo-Chun Green Tea Darjeeling Spring Tea And there are many, many more!   ... Continue reading →

by Rosario Berry on Nov 14, 2018


If you’re looking to have a cup of the best Boba Tea, then you’ll definitely need to pay Gong Cha Bubble Milk Tea shops in Manhattan, NY a visit. These guys serve the best bubble tea in Manhattan and all over the other states/cities in New York, New Jersey, Texas and Boston!   Moreover, Gong Cha is not only a USA Bubble Tea franchise - but it’s a worldwide franchise that has introduced the beloved, Taiwanese drink to many countries around the world.   Here’s a list of the many countries that Gong Cha Bubble Milk Tea has won over with their delicious Boba Tea beverages:   Taiwan Hong Kong China Malaysia Australia New Zealand Philippines South Korea Japan Singapore Thailand Macau Cambodia Brunei Indonesia Canada The United States   All in all, Gong Cha has made its way to over 15 countries and currently has over 1500 locations worldwide, which include locations in The United States.   In the U.S. Gong Cha made themselves well known first ... Continue reading →

by Rosario Berry on Dec 20, 2018


Gong Cha flavored tapioca pearls are a big part of what Gong Cha USA Franchise stands for… Gong Cha is utterly committed in providing Boba Tea drinks that are fresh and prepared only utilizing high end ingredients. They take this very seriously. Therefore, the Bubble Tea experts in their tea shops will always go above and beyond to serve you the best Boba Tea drink that you could wish for.   Their flavored tapioca pearls are cooked every 4 hours, which ensures the freshness of tapioca pearls. Certainly, when Bubble tea beverages are served with fresh ingredients the quality and taste of Bubble Tea beverages is absolutely delicious. Furthermore, Gong Cha tea shops also, brew their grand assortment of teas every 4 hours. Not only will you have a tasty a Boba Tea beverage, but you’ll have one that is fresh and prepared with only top notch ingredients, that will make your experience that much more memorable.   The quality of Gong Cha Boba Tea beverages has made this ... Continue reading →

by Rosario Berry on Dec 20, 2018


It’s no secret that Gong Cha USA franchise - the most successful Boba Tea franchise in the U.S. and over 15 other countries has now taken Texas by a storm. However, in Texas, Gong Cha tea shops are a staple of sorts in Dallas, Texas. There are three tea shop locations in Dallas. Surely, Gong Cha was a complete hit in this city. The people of Dallas, Texas simply love having this type of accessibility to the best Bubble Tea drinks in the world!   Truly, this phenomenon of sorts is not so surprising, as Gong Cha had the same effect in other cities, such as:   New York City (in NYC was where Gong Cha first made their presence so distinct in the U.S. Gong Cha was such a hit in NYC that they now have 16 tea shop locations throughout the state of New York. This alone speaks volumes! Boston New Jersey   There are eight Bubble Tea shops in all of Texas, which include the following:   Texas - Houston: 9889 Bellaire Blvd, Ste C-318, Houston, TX 77036 Texas - Dallas: ... Continue reading →

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