by Rosario Berry on Jan 25, 2019


An individual may start using mood or mind altering substances for a variety of reasons. These “root causes” could range from simple curiosity right through to attempting to self-medicate to cope with general anxiety disorder, or a specific event in their lives. Essentially, however, all using can be traced back to a single common denominator: People use substances to “Change the way they feel”.   For some people the scenario outlined above proves to cause minimal damage or disruption to their daily lives. For others, these behaviours can clearly be seen to progress, and in time the use of pills, potions and powders take priority over other aspects of an individual’s very existence. This may manifest itself in financial insecurity, isolation, lack of contact with loved ones, perhaps termination of employment as they become unreliable. Whilst the consequences will vary greatly from one person to another, dependent upon substance being used and extent ... Continue reading →

by Rosario Berry on Jan 25, 2019


Drug and alcohol addiction is a complex and chronic disease of the mind, body and soul. Whilst some individuals may be able to break the cycle of addiction on their own, achieving sustained sobriety following long-term dependence is challenging. Engaging the professional assistance available at a dedicated treatment centre is frequently seen to be of great benefit.   Residential therapy provides effective care through a tailored treatment plan within a stable environment. This structured form of rehabilitation serves to separate an individual from substances and allows complete dedication to recovery away from external influences.   At the time of admission, qualified staff will evaluate the patient to determine the exact nature of their needs prior to entering the program. Within safe, supportive, monitored surroundings a person battling addiction has the opportunity to gain perspective and clarity in regard to their condition. With the help of medically supervised care a ... Continue reading →

by Albert Jones on May 23, 2020

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