Hair Loss

Generic Minoxidil- Effective remedy for hair loss

by Jose Bell on Aug 18, 2018


Generic Minoxidil is a topical solution that is prescribed for the treatment of hair loss. It is known as alopecia in medical terminology. It is an effective medicine for preventing hair loss and promoting regrowth of hair.  This medicine was approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating hypertension (high blood pressure) before. This medicine acts as a vasodilator, thus increasing the blood flow. For promoting hair regrowth on scalp, only topical form of Generic Minoxidil is prescribed and not oral.  Prominent features • It helps in nourishing the scalp and hair follicles to encourage hair growth. • It produces a fast action and provides actual results if used on regular basis. •  It adds volume to your hair •  Generic Minoxidil is sold without prescription at cheaper rates Mechanism of action The exact mechanism by which Generic Minoxidil works is not clearly understood. It is a powerful vasodilator which produces dilation of ... Continue reading →

Brief Knowledge about Hair Coloring Product Available in the Market

by NANCY SMITH on Jan 7, 2019


There are different types of hair coloring product available in the market. Hair coloring product gives people way to conceal their sign of aging. The product gained the popularity with time because of its ability to recolor the gray hairs. Both men and women widely use it. Sometimes, people opt for hair coloring just to match up with the current trend. Types of hair coloring products Hair coloring products are of different types depending on their staying power.The most common types are permanent, demi permanent, semi-permanent, alternative and temporary.Naturtint 8N Wheat Germ Blondeis a permanent color. It is parabens free, so it is not harmful to the hair. It has plant extract and a lower percentage of chemicals. It claims to give full coverage. Hair Coloring Techniques There are several types of hair coloring techniques depending on how much color one wants on their hair. The highlighting follows the method of foiling where the foils are used. The strands are separated from each ... Continue reading →

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