by Dr Yogeet Kapoor on Mar 19, 2018


La technique exceptionnelle et toujours efficace d’ayurvéda est faite des méthodes les plus efficaces et hautement recommandées qui mènent à un style de vie sain. Le traitement suisse de perte de poids nous aide à nous rapprocher de nos objectifs pour atteindre le poids idéal. Du fait du style de vie sédentaire actuel, l’obésité s’avère le désastre sanitaire majeur qui demande une attention immédiate. L’ayurvédique explique les effets néfastes pour la santé de l’obésité tels que l’augmentation de l’Agni (feu digestif), l’obstacle à la conversion de la Medo dhatu (graisse) en Asthi dhatu (os), le déséquilibre de Vata Dosha et l’augmentation de Kapha Dosha pour n’en nommer que quelques-uns.   Les causes de l’obésité sont nombreuses allant de ... Continue reading →

by Dr Yogeet Kapoor on Mar 26, 2018


Vous demandez vous pourquoi le traitement Panchakarma est si important en ayurvéda ? Si c’est le cas, il est essentiel pour vous de savoir que la détoxification Panchakarma procure de nombreux avantages, dont quelques-uns sont : Il est utile d’éliminer la matière toxique du corps. Il est recommandé d’améliorer la capacité digestive et métabolique. Le Panchakarma est utile pour se débarrasser des maladies du système à la racine. Il est utile de restaurer la santé normale. Il est recommandé de gagner en force et augmenter la virilité pour améliorer la descendance. Si vous chercher à avoir meilleur teint le Panchakarma de Genève est la solution. Il permet d’augmenter la puissance des sens et des organes moteurs.    L’ayurvéda signifie que le corps humain est constitué de trois Doshas, de sept dhatus et trois ... Continue reading →

Women’s Yoga Apparel can Help You Do Yoga Comfortably!

by niuways on Jul 2, 2018


Most of us wish for an overall good health. For this, we use to try different products, diet plans and exercises. However, there are a few other things that we can add for our home and daily workout session in order to receive a god health quickly and in the most effective manner. Niuways is the best online store where you are going to explore these amazing products in cheap. These products are designed to help people find good health for sure. In this regard, the very first thing that will draw your attention is the women’s yoga apparel. Yoga, this term has managed to draw so many attentions across the globe. There are different yoga postures which can be performed in order to stay healthy with mind and body. Yoga brings overall good health and this might be a big reason why so many people these days prefer to do yoga instead of going for those rigorous exercises at the gym. Yoga not only helps you find a healthy mind and body but also helps you look vibrant with your skin and ... Continue reading →

Discover the magnificent strength of meditation

by Albert Anders on May 12, 2019


Meditation is a group of techniques to use one’s mindfulness to train the mind for achieving a calm, clear, and stable mental state. It is probably the best relaxation way one can use to have increased awareness, better concentration, and reduced stress. With the increasing stress, people around the world have discovered the benefits and have accepted a variety of meditation techniques to increase calmness, concentration, and holistic awareness. For achieving self-discipline, positive mood, and an overall healthy and happy life, this is one of the effective ways to consider. Outstanding health benefits of meditation 1) Reduced stress Meditation has an incredible effect on reducing stress and anxiety. Study says it significantly reduces stress with a session of three months. It is the best answer if you want to level your daily stress. 2) Promotes emotional health It increases one’s quality of life and enhances the sense of wellbeing if practiced regularly. 3) Enhances ... Continue reading →

Tips to get the best benefits from yoga teacher training programs

by Albert Anders on May 12, 2019


Yoga is an art that allows one to achieve mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. It had discovered in ancient India and soon the whole world realized its immense benefits towards life and its wellbeing. In past decades, people believed that it is one of the significant sources to increase fitness. But actually, yoga and meditation are much more than just fitness. If you are thinking to emphasize your yoga skills to become a skilled and efficient teacher you have a lot of things to consider than just to follow a training session. You may think that attending such training you will become a skilled teacher but the fact is different. Getting enrolled in a reputed and recognized institution is not enough to turn you into a successful ascetic. You may avail a good training session from successful yoga instructors but, you have something special features like dedication and commitment to give your total efforts on what your mentors teach and guide throughout the lessons.   5 tips ... Continue reading →

Tips to Become a Professional Yoga Teacher by Grabbing the Best Learning

by Albert Anders on May 31, 2019


Are you searching for the most significant options to become a professional of the ancient healing therapies? If you are interested in discovering the best training institutes in India for meeting your purposes then grabbing the best solutions will become easier to you, when you will follow the below mentioned steps. There are many healing therapies that are popular in India and abroad too. However, some are more effective than others in producing results. Therefore, when you will make a research in this context, you will find yoga as a crucial one. Varied types of physical and emotional benefits become attaining through practicing this habit. However, you should have to follow the steps properly and for this reason you should have to grab knowledge in this area. Many institutes are there to provide you the most effective training but until you make a final decision with the best level of awareness, you will find difficulty in fulfilling your interests. People are attaining a ... Continue reading →

The Feeling of Wellbeing that You can Ensure through Practicing Yoga Daily

by Albert Anders on May 31, 2019


With time, different types of complications are becoming clear to the mind of the people of modern times. People are facing a great number of challenges to lead their faster life in this modern era. They are feeling not only tired but also getting unbearable mental stress as well in their daily life. Is it the best option to lead a life or it should be avoided at any cost? If you want to get a better life, then you must have to understand the root cause of the problem and then half of the problem will be resolved. After identifying the causes, when you will follow better solutions, you will get the best option to avoid health hazards. Therefore, you must be aware of the latest options that can help you getting a great relief from the latest health problems. Diseases that were the great threats to human being in past are no more the complex issues as the modern medical science is capable enough to fight against those illnesses. Communicable diseases are no more a threat to human beings ... Continue reading →

Tips to Meet Your Medical Needs Related to ENT

by Albert Anders on Jun 2, 2019


The medical science is highly advanced in recent times. People are grabbing the most suitable options in meeting their medical needs with the help of modern medical science. Therefore, if you have any problem in your ear or nose or in throat then you should reveal the best scopes available before you in this concern. Yes, without having knowledge you wouldn’t be able to get the best opportunity to meet your needs. Therefore, it is your time to be familiar with the latest medical assistance available for everyone. If you desire for making use of the modern science and technology to reveal the best professionals as well as the best opportunities online then you will really get the finest options as well. The days have come to get information online as this is an easier means to get information on not only the advancement of science and technology or in other fields but also this is a prominent option to get information about the medical professionals near about your residence. ... Continue reading →

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