Advantages of Hiring a Gardener Services

by Guest on Mar 23, 2018


Spring is just upon us.  As always, it seems like we’ve waited so long.  A garden is one of spring’s benefits.  You begin each spring imagining yourself luxuriating in a magnificent, vibrant, lush garden.  But, between work and family, you only have a few hours here and there to care for it.  And, that’s hardly enough.  Yet, every year you still dream of that garden.  What’s the solution?  Why not hire a professional gardener? Now, before you assume it’s too expensive, remember that professional gardener services know exactly what your garden needs.  They know which plants and flowers will flourish in your yard, which products are actually needed and in which amounts, and exactly what needs replacing. This know-how actually saves you money.  Really. Here are a few more advantages a professional gardening services offer:   o spending time in a beautiful garden reduces stress, even more so when flowers ... Continue reading →

by Danny Woodhams on Nov 26, 2018


  Whether you are looking to build a new fence or to replace an old fence, constructing a fence is an investment in both money and time. There are quite a few types of fence material available these days, which have different advantage. If you’re on the fence on which to choose, you’re in luck! Here we’ve shared a guide to farm and rural fencing in Perth that will help you determine what’s best for you, and your livestock.  Wood Fencing  Of course, if you have a small area to enclose and don’t mind the work, go for wood fencing. Memories of John Wayne western movies conjure up scenes of old rural farms with wooden fences surrounding them. Wood farm fencing supplies in Perth is affordable and safe, so you don’t have to worry about your animals or family getting hurt, unlike other materials. Wood looks nice and requires dedication to maintain. So, after installing farm fencing supplies in Perth, be prepared to paint ... Continue reading →

by TenderCareLawnService on Jan 23, 2019


When February peeps in, you know it is time to start getting ready for spring. You too have to prepare your lawn for spring. This is the time that many lawn owners call lawn service and landscaping companies for advice. With the passage of winter, your plants will be left hungry and weak. Thus, if you want to have a bloom in spring and summer, now is the time to start getting ready. Lucky for you, we do not only offer grass cutting services at TCLS, but we also walk with our clients every step of the way, every season. It is quite possible to have a lawn that looks as if it popped out of a home improvement magazine, all seasons of the year. Tips that lawn service and landscaping companies use for spring preparation Clean the lawn and rake the grass to wakefulness Spring is a happy time. Thus, you do not want it to find your lawn dirty and unprepared for the warm months. By cleaning, we mean just take an air blower and blow away the debris that collected over winter. Blow away the ... Continue reading →

by TenderCareLawnService on Jan 30, 2019


A good landscape design rock garden will do many things to your home. The most important of them all is that it will increase the aesthetic quality of the garden and add an eternal touch to the garden. If professionals do it, it is going to increase the value of your home tremendously. The value of beautiful rock gardens created by a lawn care company The Japanese zen gardens (they are made by a combination of rocks, water features and sand) are therapeutic, you too can create a rock garden to enhance your relaxation moments. You can also create one for its aesthetic value. If you want, you can even make your rock garden sentimental. Start by dedicating some big and medium-sized rocks to friends, family and pets gone before you. With the help of professional landscape maintenance, your creativity will not be limited in any way. Whatever image you may have in mind, just communicate. TCLS will fine-tune it and produce a rock garden you will be proud of forever. If your yard is sloped ... Continue reading →

by TenderCareLawnService on Feb 7, 2019


At different times of the year, there will be different garden pest infestations. That is why you need to consult garden and lawn maintenance services to know what pest is bothering your garden in fall. If you think you have a pest problem in your lawn, call us. With so many pests being native to southwest Louisiana, it is most likely that you will be dealing with one kind of pest in the lawn, another in the garden and so on. With the help of our lawn care company, it should be easy to identify the kind of pest invasion in your home garden. Most common types of fall garden pests in southwest Louisiana Grub worms There are different species of grub worms. The most common in southwest Louisiana are the C-shaped white larvae of the species Cyclocepha hirta or the C. pasadenae. These hatch from the eggs of the Japanese Beetle, laid in summer. They hide deep in the soil and they feed on the roots of your plants. You could have a lovely green garden and then start noticing some plants ... Continue reading →

by TenderCareLawnService on Mar 12, 2019


How do you know that you need lawn drainage solutions? There are many tell-tale signs. However, here are the most common ones that you can watch out for: If the soil in your yard is dense and does not allow water to pass through fast enough, you will need to think of drainage. If your lawn is too flat and does not drain the excess water, you will have a soggy soil problem If there is moisture in the basement, your yard grading could be directing water towards the foundation of your house. Not cool at all! You need an expert to check it out for you. If you have a section where plants look emaciated and yellowed, find out whether the water is draining properly. Nutrients can leak away leaving your plants hungry. Even if everything looks right now, give us a call, anyway. Drainage improvement is among one of the services that we offer at Tender Care Lawn Service and the last thing you want is to find out you have a drainage problem when the rain comes. A waterlogged lawn makes a good ... Continue reading →

by TenderCareLawnService on Mar 22, 2019


Spring is a happy time for lawn owners. This is when we determine what our lawns and gardens will look like for the coming months of summer and even part of fall. For lawn maintenance and landscaping in Lake Charles, this is also the time that we receive many requests from lawn owners. They want to know what flowers and shrubs they can plant for spring and summer. Choosing the wrong flowers – The biggest first-timer mistake In our experience, over the time that we have been offering landscape maintenance services in southwest Louisiana, we have seen lawn owners make mistakes. One of the most regrettable ones is selecting the wrong shrubs and flowers for their garden. This is quite serious, and it often happens with beginners. If the flowers and plants fail to thrive, the owners become discouraged and they discard the project. However, we are here to tell you that it is possible to craft an incredibly stunning garden for spring and summer. Yes, just as you saw in ... Continue reading →

by TenderCareLawnService on Apr 18, 2019


Are you looking for Lake Charles landscaping services for professional hardscaping? You have come to the right place. Most times, many yard owners only know about landscaping, which is fine. They know very little about hardscaping. Thus, when they hear of this outdoor design concept for the first time, they cannot help wondering what it is all about. Landscape maintenance services add softness to your lawn, garden, and the general outdoor space. Landscaping is associated with living things such as grass, flowers, shrubs and trees. Hardscaping your lawn will make it much better. Hardscaping brings hardness and structure to the overall design of the outdoor space. The most important thing is to hire lawn service companies so that they can bring a balance in your outdoor space. Because of its complexity, hardscaping may not be something that you want to attempt yourself. Using non-living things in the yard Hardscaping is simply the art or science of using ... Continue reading →

by Danny Woodhams on Apr 29, 2019


The fencing and irrigation solutions are designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of the farmers. Farm fencing and irrigation supplies in Perth offers a wide range of solution for some serious challenges of crop production. Benefits of Irrigation Supplies on Farm 1. Setting a timer allows you to give a desired amount of water to your farm requires. 2. Drip irrigation supplies one to four gallons of water directly to the soil, which helps in keeping the crop lawn always moisture. 3. It doesn’t interfere with mulching done above the grass, because all the work is done underground. 4. Irrigation systems eliminate evaporation from the sun, which allows the microorganisms in your soil to reap the benefits of the water’s nutrients. Benefits of Farm Fencing Supplies 1. Crop Protection: Fences protect crops from pests such as rabbits, rats, and more. 2. Stock Protection: Areas that are dangerous for stock are separated off. Rural fencing in Perth will keep stock off ... Continue reading →

by TenderCareLawnService on May 3, 2019


    You will need the help of landscaping companies in Lake Charles LA to keep your garden and lawn weed-free. In spring, we get many calls from our customers in southwest Louisiana, looking for help with weeds in their landscaping and rock gardens. If you have the same problem, call us on 337-313-3002 for assistance. Your rock garden is no doubt the attention grabber in your landscape. However, weeds know no bounds. They creep into any space that they can find. It does not matter how careful you were with your rock garden because weeds grow anywhere. Unless you used landscape plastic under the rocks to kill the seeds before germination, you will always have to contend with weeds in your rock garden. But the rock garden is not all that you have to worry about. Generally, you have to stay on the lookout for weeds in your entire garden. With the first hint of warm weather, the weeds start gunning for the same nutrients as your plants. You need a good weed control plan Contrary ... Continue reading →

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