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Technology in bathrooms and kitchen faucets as well as in the offices…well why not in irrigation and lawn care services? Both commercial and residential lawn owners are catching on fast. Today, it is easy to automate the way you water your lawn, of course, with the help of lawn care service providers. Benefits of using technology for irrigation and lawn care services Makes watering your lawn easy Bringing technology into your lawn care system takes the hard work off your hands. Just imagine being able to control your irrigation system right from your computer or mobile device. You can make any changes to your watering schedule depending on the season from your computer. If you are a hands-on person and you need to stay in control of your irrigation system, technology allows you to do that too. Only water the lawn when necessary In some instances, using technology to irrigate your lawn works so well such that even the lawn owners forget to monitor their systems. This is why ... Continue reading →

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How do you know that you need lawn drainage solutions? There are many tell-tale signs. However, here are the most common ones that you can watch out for: If the soil in your yard is dense and does not allow water to pass through fast enough, you will need to think of drainage. If your lawn is too flat and does not drain the excess water, you will have a soggy soil problem If there is moisture in the basement, your yard grading could be directing water towards the foundation of your house. Not cool at all! You need an expert to check it out for you. If you have a section where plants look emaciated and yellowed, find out whether the water is draining properly. Nutrients can leak away leaving your plants hungry. Even if everything looks right now, give us a call, anyway. Drainage improvement is among one of the services that we offer at Tender Care Lawn Service and the last thing you want is to find out you have a drainage problem when the rain comes. A waterlogged lawn makes a good ... Continue reading →

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  As soon as we start approaching the end of winter, it is time to start thinking about our trees. With the earliest hints of spring, we want to go out and inspect them, to see whether they sustained any winter damage. As we offer landscape management in Lake Charles, we advise our clients to get started on their spring tree care even before the onset of spring. Most importantly, we should prepare the trees for their summer bloom. That is why a tree care package is needed in addition to grass cutting services and other landscape maintenance services. Preparing trees for spring requires a meticulous plan. As one of the leading landscaping companies in Lake Charles, we suggest springtime tree preparation in the following three ways: Inspect the trees as winter approaches the end In the last phase of winter, inspect your trees to ensure that frost did not cause them any damage. This is the best time for a close-up and candid inspection because the trees are bare of foliage. It is ... Continue reading →

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    Not all of us can be as creative with shrubs as Edward Scissorhands, so if you think your shrubs need to be trimmed, call TCLS on 337-313-3002 for lawn maintenance services including shrub trimming. Turn your ordinary garden to extraordinary with a touch of the shears. There are many reasons why you should trim shrubs. Pruning makes your garden look healthy, organized and well planned. Besides, the main reason why you have a garden in the first place is to increase the aesthetic appeal of your lawn. Regardless of how good a pruned garden looks, this is a hard task and many people avoid it. That is why you need to hire a lawn care company for regular trimming services and your lawn will stand out. When you get in touch with us, we will send a professional team to do a lawn health analysis. This analysis includes identifying the types of plants on the lawn and the kind of care that each type needs. Shrubs in southwest Louisiana are varied, and each type requires a ... Continue reading →

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  You will need the help of landscaping companies in Lake Charles LA to keep your garden and lawn weed-free. In spring, we get many calls from our customers in southwest Louisiana, looking for help with weeds in their landscaping and rock gardens. If you have the same problem, call us on 337-313-3002 for assistance. Your rock garden is no doubt the attention grabber in your landscape. However, weeds know no bounds. They creep into any space that they can find. It does not matter how careful you were with your rock garden because weeds grow anywhere. Unless you used landscape plastic under the rocks to kill the seeds before germination, you will always have to contend with weeds in your rock garden. But the rock garden is not all that you have to worry about. Generally, you have to stay on the lookout for weeds in your entire garden. With the first hint of warm weather, the weeds start gunning for the same nutrients as your plants. You need a good weed control plan Contrary to ... Continue reading →

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  Lawn care services are important for educational spaces, perhaps even more important than in companies and homes. Schools, colleges and other educational spaces are full of stress. With deadlines to beat, exams, continuous assessment tests and peer-pressure, it can be a bit overwhelming for students and teachers alike. However, research shows that turf grass, good lawns, flowers, trees and water features can calm the mind and enhance relaxation. Educational spaces mold future leaders, business people, thinkers and important people in the community. They not only instill discipline and academic prowess, but they also instill a sense of responsibility and organization. But all this can be hampered if the learning environment is shabby. Keep the school grounds well organized, give the lawns good care, light up the pathways. Label loading zones, public spaces and do much more to make the grounds as community-friendly as possible. Because of the large compound, gardens, lawns and ... Continue reading →

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          Love your lawn and treat it with all the love you have. Take care of your home as if you will live in it forever.   Call us today on 337-313-3002 for landscape management in Lake Charles. You may also contact us through any of the other means listed here.   Tender Care Lawn Service offers you different lawn and garden services at affordable prices. We believe that you do not have to pay an arm and a leg to create the lawn of your dreams. We will help you with your lawn as you concentrate on your day-to-day work. We will create something endearing, help you find happiness and joy in your own home.   We serve hundreds of clients in southwest Louisiana. Our clientele base spans residential and commercial lawns and properties. One more is just another feather in our cap. If you would like to know more about our services, call us, email or send us a text message today.   Some of the services that we offer are: Grass cutting services ... Continue reading →

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  Southwest Louisiana looks lovely in the fall. If you live in any of the Lake Charles neighborhoods, you know this is absolutely true. However, when the days start getting cooler, it is time to hang up your summer gear and unhang the rake. It is time to plan your fall foliage cleanup. As a professional Lake Charles lawn service provider, we give the following advice for a hitch-free fall leaf cleanup. Planning fall leaf cleanup like a pro Leaf cleanup in fall isn’t hard if you prepare well for it. A wise woman or man ensures that their tools are ready for the job even though prep may take some time. This enables them to finish the job quickly and efficiently. What tools does our premium Lake Charles lawn service recommend? To get your fall leaf cleanup started on the right note, our team for lawn maintenance in Lake Charles, LA advises you to have one or two of the following tools: Leaf blower This tool is quite effective, especially when the foliage is thick. Blowing will ... Continue reading →

Know The Various Types Of Landscaping

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Both for practical and aesthetic reasons, landscaping a property have become important in this modern world. A fixed feature in your outdoor space that affects the overall function and aesthetics of the property can be seen as part of its landscaping in Hills District. The exterior part of the home is said to be the landscaping part of the property. Improving or maintaining the aesthetic or practical functions on the grounds of a property aptly describes landscaping. You can hire one of the leading landscapers in Hills District Sydney to improve the aesthetic view of your home. Various Types of Landscaping As a wonderful addition to your outdoor space, landscaping comes in varied forms. A few are mentioned below. Fountains A fountain strategically placed in the outdoor area becomes THE focal point. Constructing a fountain can either be a DIY project or one that can be done by a professional. It’s best to have the experts design and construct a fountain if you are ... Continue reading →

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Having a quality landscaping can improve your outdoor living area and increase the value of your home. The benefits of a beautiful landscape are endless. A beautifully designed lawn can completely transform an ordinary looking house. Finding the right landscaping companies in Sydney can be an overwhelming process. Here we have mentioned a few tips to choose the right landscapers in Sydney. Ask Around There is a reason for few sites have become so popular, because nothing is more dependable than the opinions of past clients. Talk to your friends, family, neighbours, and others in your community. If you come across a negative review, dig deeper and get the details of what caused the bad experience. Keep Your Options Open While searching for landscaping contractors, you can get a variety of contractors. They vary based on service area, price, size, and specialties. Landscape companies can also be referred to as landscaping maintenance firms, landscape design firms, and ... Continue reading →

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