Losing a Pet Is Devastating and It’s OK to Not Feel Mentally Well for a While

by nisse lind on Jan 28, 2018


Within 24 hours, two celebrities took to Instagram to share their thoughts after losing a pet. On Wednesday night, actress Salma Hayek posted a sweet photo of her cradling 18-year-old dog Lupe. “I have no words or tears to describe how much she meant to me,” wrote the 51-year-old star. “May she run free with my pack of dogs that are already waiting for her in dog heaven.” Then on Thursday evening, Chelsea Handler paid tribute to her dog Chunk (her "chunky monkey"), who once jumped into the Hudson River and swam a quarter of a mile just to join her on a paddleboard. “I cried that day at how much he loved me. And, today I’m crying because of how much I loved him,” she wrote. Despite what anyone says, your grief over losing a beloved pet is absolutely valid. When a pet passes, it may be tempting to downplay the grief. After all, it's not like you lost a member of your family or a best friend. kind of did. “Our ... Continue reading →

Top Benefits of Sending Your Dog To Dog Daycare San Marcos

by Guest on Feb 23, 2018


As a busy dog owner, one of the biggest concerns you might face today is leaving your dog at home for long periods when you are away on business or vacation. It is very important to give your dog the care and attention he or she needs because due to lack of attention and care, many dogs lack stimulation and sufficient outlets of their energy. Dog daycare is the great solution for busy dog owners and it is becoming increasingly popular over the past few years. Dog daycare is the most enjoyable and healthy options as your dog get to play and interact with other dogs and human beings during the day. Many people don't realize just how many benefits they get by taking their dog to Dog Daycare San Marcos and here are some of the main benefits: Keeps your dog active & Healthy: At DogSpot we offer many activities for your doggy so that your dog will be stronger and healthier and fit. We keep your dog in stimulating an environment that makes your dog just plain happy, playing with ... Continue reading →

Important Information Aussiedoodle Dog Breed

by alaskan kleekai on Apr 5, 2018


When an Aussiedoodle catches your eye, you drop instantly in love. I recognize, because it happened to me! An Aussiedoodle, also called the Aussiepoo, Aussiepoodle, or “Big Ball of Fluff” (a term I coined), is a combine between an Australian shepherd and a poodle. Full-grown dogs vary in size from 20 to 70 pounds, depending on if they are a “Toy,” “Mini,” or “Standard.” They come in special colors and patterns, but the very popular is merle. This is a cross breed, the effect of a deliberate mating between 2 different breeds. Opening your heart and home to a crossbreed is like opening a wonderfully wrapped package on your birthday: you never know what’s going to be indoors. It’s often unspecified that a crossbreed will mix the best of two or more breeds, but heredity does not always work that technique. The way genes mix and express themselves is not always focus to a breeder’s control, even less so when 2 different ... Continue reading →

by Miranda Alcott on Mar 8, 2019


  So do you have a cranky dog? Owning a dog can add countless hours of enjoyment and companionship into the lives of all family members, especially after a stressful day. But, the fact is that the dogs can also become overtired, just as we do. Yes, like us, dogs can also lose their ability to be their “self” when that happens. Surprised? Well, even those who deeply love their dogs and care for them in a multitude of ways wonder why their dogs suddenly become aggressive.  Reasons why your dog may develop behavior issues  It can be shocking to see your easygoing, friendly companion suddenly become irritable, start biting objects or even act viciously. Sudden aggression in your dog can scar you. To deal with the issue, you must first analyze and determine the cause. At the same time, you can get help from the pet communicator in Santa Monica to deal with the behavioral issue.  - Lack of exercise  Animals need physical exercise to be happy, ... Continue reading →

by Miranda Alcott on Mar 18, 2019


  Do you have a dog that seems to be anxious or depressed? Like us, dogs have anxiety and fears. Dog anxiety affects all breeds of dogs and leads to behavioral issues if left untreated. Even worse, stress can negatively impact your dog’s health as well. No one likes to see their dog nervous and uncomfortable. It can be disheartening and make the dog owner feel powerless.  A little bit of fear and stress is more common, but, it becomes problematic when the dog’s reaction becomes extreme and persistent. By identifying the cause, you can learn how to calm a nervous dog. So why do some dogs react to certain situations with stress while others handle them with ease? Come on; let’s find out the cause of anxiety in dogs and how to deal with it.  Anxiety signs and symptoms  - Destructive behavior  - Panting  - Whining  - Excessive licking  - Avoiding interactions  - Trembling  - Spontaneous elimination  Medical ... Continue reading →

by .com on Apr 20, 2019


These small pets- no matter how innocent they look, they are not. It’s a prey we tell you. But such enticing eyes, how can you not take them home? Now that you have them, it is very important that you feed them properly and take care of them! Here are some tips and ways to ensure that! Guinea Pigs Guinea pigs are herbivores, so their eating regimen ought to be one dependent on great guinea pig roughage, pelleted guinea pig sustenance and constrained measures of crisp vegetables and new organic product. Any lop-sidedness in nourishment can cause incessant looseness of the bowels, weight and sicknesses of the heart, liver or kidneys. Bit by bit acquaint new nourishments with your guinea pig's eating routine as sudden or huge dietary changes can cause health troubles. Their diets should basically include- Hay: Hay is a vital part of your pet's diet. Chewing on hay also aids to wear down the guinea pig's teeth, which grow continuously. Pellets: Choose pelleted ... Continue reading →

by Miranda Alcott on Apr 20, 2019


  Did you know, of the 4 million dogs taken to shelters every year, about 1 million are given up by their owners as they are too old?  Aging is a normal part of life, and at some point dogs become seniors. Usually, a dog’s senior years begin between 6 and 13 years of age. As dogs age, taking care of them becomes difficult, and owners often struggle with their pet’s incontinence as they become less mobile, and more importantly, they are prone to various diseases. However, getting older isn’t a death sentence and dogs can spend their golden years healthy and happy.  How to take care of your senior dog?  Ensure your dog eats appropriately  According to the recent data from the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention shows about 53% of dogs as overweight or obese. Obesity decreases a dog’s lifespan and increases the risk of various diseases and causes orthopedic complications. So, feed your dog a balanced diet that consists of high-quality ... Continue reading →

What Are The Chances Of Finding A Lost Dog?

by preeti on Nov 18, 2019


Our pet is like our family, kids are specially attached to them like their awesome companion. Separation of your beloved pet dog is deep distressful feeling and very disappointing. And it further becomes more painful if you don’t succeed in finding the helpless creature. There are so many ways and precautionary measure to stop this trauma. Proactive approach for your pet’s wellbeing and their safe stay is appreciated while you think about welcoming them in your sweet home.   There are several ways and depending to those chances of finding your lost pet easily. Following are some important ways that will enhance the chances of getting your lost pet dog.   The chances of finding your dog within 24 hours is about 90 %. Yes, if you start immediately after sensing your pet’s absence you are more likely to get him in no time. If you act quickly and take the right steps in the first 24 hours, the odds of finding a lost pet are actually pretty good.   The ... Continue reading →

by drwaggers on Dec 24, 2020


Accidents can happen with anyone, even with our furry friends. When some thing of such nature happens with our pets, panic is our first reaction, regardless what time of the day it is, day or night. Thus, as a pet parent, you must establish a rationally though emergency plan for such situations and act accordingly if need be. You can consult your veterinary doctor for a protocol to be followed in emergency. Take note of the timings of the vet and which hospitals around you are open round the clock. You can also talk to a few doctors who can visit your home on call. You can keep these important numbers saved in your phone and in a handy phonebook for double surety. What signs to look for to consider it an emergency There can be several reasons leading to an emergency situation for your pet. A trauma caused by any scuffle or accident, insect bite, poisoning, choking, heatstroke, or any other situation. Look for the following signs in your dogs that may hint towards an emergency ... Continue reading →

by Tony Giotto on Jan 21, 2021


Is your puppy acting out? When pups become so excited and can’t contain their excitement, it’d be a challenging time for puppy owners. Managing an over-excited puppy is a relatively tough task. For some puppy owners, an over-excited puppy may not seem a big issue to deal with. But, unsolved over-excitement occurrences can lead to behavioural problems in the future. So, it’s wise to consult your dog behaviourist in Vancouver to deal with the issue the earliest. Tips to Calm Your Puppy Know When they Get Excited Jumping, spinning in circles, barking, and mouthing are some of the signs of over-excitement. So, keep an eye on these behaviours and train your puppy to stay calm and to learn their triggers. Don’t Encourage Them One of the best ways to calm your puppy is to stop encouraging them. Yes, giving your puppy attention with equally high energy is only serving to hype up your puppy even more. A dog behaviourist would suggest you stay as neutral in ... Continue reading →

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