All You Need to Know About Magento eCommerce Platform

by Kiran Beladiya on Jul 27, 2022


eCommerce businesses are evolving and growing day by day. To survive in this competitive environment and win the first spot, you need to have the best eCommerce platform. The number of Software available in the market to support your website is endless. But to enlighten your knowledge, Magento is one of the leading and best eCommerce platforms to build an eCommerce application for your business. There are millions of popular eCommerce stores that are running on this framework. Ohh! That’s a huge number, right? Well, yea! Magento is immensely popular due to its rich and powerful features. It hardly matters whether you own a small business or large enterprise, eventually, both M-commerce and E-commerce have brought new wings to the business. And that’s why many companies are leveraging the benefits of Magento Development Services. Moreover, with the release of Magento 2, brushing up on some of its unknown features might be a great idea. Well, no one can deny that having many ... Continue reading →

Best Shopify Mobile App Builders To Watch Out For in 2022

by Mobi App on Aug 2, 2022


Getting customers on your Shopify store website is very difficult. To buy from your store, customers must remember your store website, search on Google search and then do shopping is a very long process.    Converting your Shopify store to a mobile app for an easy shopping experience is the best option to save time and money.   The m-commerce trends have increased day by day. As Google reports, 51% of mobile users are used to buying products from a brand’s mobile app because they can get more offers, coupons & loyalty programs. Moreover, native mobile apps help with marketing strategies like push notifications, referral programs, and much more.   Are you wondering how to convert a Shopify store into a mobile app? Don't worry, you don't need to take the help of developers or app development companies. Shopify Mobile App Builder is the best solution for quickly creating user-friendly mobile apps for ecommerce stores.   Let’s explore what ... Continue reading →

Shopify Experts Website Design Tips And Tricks Ideas To Increase Traffic In 2022

by Softpulse Infotech on Sep 12, 2022


For building an ecommerce store, the website plays an essential role in their online business. Shopify is a trending ecommerce website builder platform that helps to drive sales and boost conversions. Easy to get started with Shopify through themes or templates, hiring Shopify experts, and apps to build an attractive and SEO optimised Shopify store.   However, having a Shopify store is not enough for this competitive market, and it is very challenging to get more customers. The design of your website is the heart of conversion. Also, it is the epicentre of your ecommerce and online marketing strategy to attract more buyers.   So how can you utilise the Shopify website design that helps you sell more? In this article, We will look into Shopify Website Design Tips for generating sales.   Shopify Website Design Tips and Tricks Choose the correct Shopify theme The first step to building your Shopify store involves choosing the correct Shopify theme. The theme determines how ... Continue reading →

Best Tips And Tricks For Turning A Website Into Mobile App

by Mobi App on Sep 19, 2022


In modern business competing with other businesses is very challenging. Having a mobile app for your business makes your business stand out from the competition. So customers and B2B clients get a convenient customer experience. That is, turning a website into a mobile app is the need of the day.   More than 57% of customers say, We not only advise a business based on their website, a business must have user-friendly and accessible apps. In fact, 56% of web traffic comes from mobile phones, building a mobile app provides the next step for a successful business.   Making a user-friendly app by converting your responsive website into apps. Let us help you through the top tricks to turn your website into an app.   Why your business needs to turn a website into an app   The mobile apps offer different opportunities to connect with your customers. Let us have quick look at the top reasons to turn a website into an app.   Fulfil User Expectations As mobile internet ... Continue reading →

Everything You Need To Know About Shopify Domain Search

by Softpulse Infotech on Sep 23, 2022


Are you starting a new ecommerce business with Shopify? It would help if you had a Shopify store name to start the new online business journey. It's not easy as it seems.    Shopify is the market leader ecommerce platform, where you can build an ecommerce website with the help of Shopify apps to generate more sales and revenue.    While selecting a Shopify domain name, you need to consider many things like a short name, easy to remember, keyword-focused, and looking professional for your Shopify store. Shopify domain name is an integral part of branding strategy. It represents your online presence.   This blog post will guide you on Shopify domain search, the best tips for a domain name, How to use the Shopify business name generator, and many more.   What is a Shopify domain? A domain name is the name of your website that comes in the form of an address or URL. So, for example, a domain name is,, and A domain ... Continue reading →

How To Revolutionize Your Ecommerce Store Using Shopify 2.0?

by Jane Brewer on Nov 3, 2022


Shopify 2.0 is all about bringing e-commerce to the next level, whether you're selling something of your own, or you want to try your hand at starting an online business with Shopify's ecommerce tools and features of the latest version of their platform will help you find what you need to set up an online store that looks professional and sleek, and works across multiple devices and platforms with ease. What is Shopify 2.0? Shopify is the leading cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform that includes online retail point of sale, inventory management, and order fulfillment services. Shopify launched its newest version, Shopify 2.0 on October 3rd, 2018 and it offers a variety of new features to help merchants run their businesses more efficiently and scale their business with ease. Features of Shopify 2.0  Personalized home page The Shopify 2.0 Personalized home page is one of the many new features that have been introduced in the latest update. This new feature allows ... Continue reading →

 Types of Brush Cutters Available in India & Their Pros & Cons

by Rahul Kumar on Nov 16, 2022


A brush cutter is mechanized gardening or agricultural equipment used to trim weeds, tiny plants, and other vegetation that is inaccessible to other gardening equipment. For particular uses, the machine can be equipped with a variety of blades or clipper heads. In general, it is a machine that is heavier and more powerful, suited for removing overgrown grass, weeds, bushes, and small hedges. Brush cutters are more powerful than grass trimmers and they are more powerful as well as sturdy equipment too. Classification:  Different types of brush cutters are available on the market right now. They are available in both types; petrol operated and electrically operated. Petrol brush cutters also have two variants one is 2 strokes and the other is 4 strokes and they have different displacements. You can choose them according to your need. Except these brush cutters are classified according to their function. The most common types are listed below:  Handheld Brush Cutters - The most ... Continue reading →

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