How to get HP printer online on MAC

by Contact Forask on Apr 3, 2019


MAC OS is unable to send the documents on your HP printer if it is offline. When the printer is offline, it does not print the documents or communicates with the computer.  On MAC device, HP Printer offline error is displayed by the exclamation mark inside the printer triangle. Once the problem is resolved, you can continue with your printing process. In the worst case, you need to call at hp support phone number and seek the expert advice.     Here are the basic troubleshooting steps you can follow to fix this problem: • Turn on your HP Printer and make sure it is properly connected to the power outlet.  • Check if there are any loose cables and then reconnect them properly.  • Check whether your printer has adequate papers for performing the printing jobs.  If required, add more papers.  • Check the printer dialog and paper jams.  If any paper jam present, remove it.  • Open your printer and check the ink ... Continue reading →

How to fix the Canon Printer Error Code 1700

by sofia sara on Apr 4, 2019


No-one likes to face the hassles in their work while using the printer. But sometimes trouble occurs and gets displayed in the form of errors which makes the situation annoying. This situation usually arises when you are using a Canon Printer, but there is no needs to worry as canon printer phone number are always there to help the users. One of the most common error code occurs in the Canon Printer is Error Code 1700 E08.    This error code indicates that users are supposed to analyze the ink absorber condition properly. The main role of ink absorber is to make sure that no extra ink gets splashed over the printouts.    Below are the points that users must consider to fix this problem: • Reset or replace the ink absorber, if necessary,  • Press the reset or stop button to fix the problem.  • If nothing works, contact the experts.    Sometimes due to lack of technical knowledge, users are unable to fix the problem. In that case, ... Continue reading →

How To Get Support from Linksys Customer Service

by David Richard on Apr 5, 2019


To contact Linksys Customer Service, a user can call at linksys customer support and get the real-time support from the Linksys experts to fix the router related issues. The technicians can help you to fix any type of router related issues within a short time.    Problem is quite common to occur in any machine, especially when you are connected to the internet. But, you need not worry as Linksys Router Technical Support team is always there to help you. Our experts can help you to tackle issues like:   • Upload errors.  • Router setup issues.  • Slow downloading.  • Moon Malware attacks.  • Connection blocking due to the firewall.  • Unable to set the wireless password.  • Outdated framework.    The services are not available only for these errors, if you have any other problem, you can call is and avail the instant help.  We are always happy to serve you.    Why choose us?  ... Continue reading →

How to Setup Netgear WIFI Router

by Contact Forask on Apr 9, 2019


Trying to setup the Netgear WIFI Router? Netgear router is easy to configure or setup. You can complete the setup process manually by following some simple steps and if you need professional advice for the router set up then you can also contact netgear router support number for the expert support.    Here are the simple steps to follow to set up the router: • After purchasing the router, you have to make sure that you place the router in some central location at the home as this will provide better connectivity.  Remember that do not place the router in the basement or corner.  • Setup and plug in the router and till booting process gets completed. When the booting gets completes, the power light will turn on.  • Connect the computer to the Netgear WIFI Router either by using the wired or wireless connection. Restart your computer and make sure that it gets the IP address from Netgear router through Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). ... Continue reading →

How to Configure your Netgear Router Setup

by search helpline on Apr 9, 2019


The process of Netgear Router Setup is very easy. You have to follow some simple guidelines and you can complete the setup process.  In case, you are unable to set up the router by yourself, call at netgear support phone number and take help from Netgear experts.    Following are the steps for Netgear Router Setup:  • Connect your modem to the router and make sure your modem is not plugged in.  • Attach the Network cable to the router, one end to your computer and the other end to Netgear Router port.  • Open any web browser on your computer and enter in the address bar, this is a default gateway. The value may change as per the model number of your router.  • Enter the username and password. By default, the username is admin and password is password.  • Click ‘Wireless Settings’ and save all settings on the notepad.  • Open Wireless Settings and choose ‘WEP’ option ... Continue reading →

by Auggie Diaz on Apr 10, 2019


  “Ranking” refers to how high your business appears in the list of search results when someone makes a search using Google Maps. Google is now including some additional lead conversion strategies into its calculation of rankings. Thankfully, it is good news for small and medium-sized businesses whose listings are overshadowed by large corporations and chain companies. To experience the complete benefits of Google Maps, it is essential to get it rank higher on Google My Business and Google Maps. Here, we have listed a few tips to get your business ranking higher in Google Maps.  1. Add Some Clear Photos to the Google My Business Listing  Another way to rank higher on Google Maps is to add some photos your Google My Business listing, which is closely connected to your business. So, choose the best photos of your business, which highlights your business or on your website. Also, it is recommendable to list more than 2 photos, so that your customers ... Continue reading →

by Auggie Diaz on Apr 10, 2019


  If you’re walking through unfamiliar streets, navigating public transportation or driving through the day, you seek the help of Google Maps to reach your destination safely. This is the reason why Google Maps’ growing its popularity, and has become crucial for businesses to register with Google Maps. Did you know 67% of smartphone users prefer Google maps to find your business? Also, research says, Google Maps is 6 times more popular than other navigation app and software.  What Google Maps Do For Your Business?  Google Places’ focus on local searches and makes it easier for customers to find you. After listing your business name, contact name, address details on the Google maps, your business becomes visible and became searchable on Google. By doing this, your business will have a strong online presence, and it will be very easy for users while they try to find your business.  For example: If you own a jewel shop, and if someone need diamond ... Continue reading →

Unable to scan from Brother Printer

by David Richard on Apr 11, 2019


Are you unable to scan the documents from Brother Print? Well! The solution to this problem is quite simple. Contact brother customer support number and take expert advice to fix the problem. If your Brother Printer is not scanning the documents, follow the given steps and fix your problem.  Step 1:  Make sure that Control Center is running.  If due to any reason Control Center is not active then on your Windows 10 device, click on the start button.  Go to All App>> Brother Utilities>> Control Center.  Step 2: Make sure that the scanner driver and ports are properly configured.  Go to Network Scanner Properties and click on the Network Settings tab.  Select an option ‘Specify your machine by the name ‘or ‘specify your machine IP Address’. Step 3: Check the Firewall settings.  Sometimes, the firewall settings create trouble in the scanning process. If you are using a firewall, it may block the required network ... Continue reading →

by Harry Sazos on Apr 15, 2019


  According to a recent statistics, “by 2020, 50% of all the searches are by voice queries only.”  It has proved that voice search has reached a mile stone to speak with an assistant rather than to typing and the answers for voice searches are also faster than typing.  Voice labs has been tracked that the total of 33 million voice-search devices are in circulation.  Most Popular Voice Search Tools for SEO experts in Sydney are:  - Smartphone (56%)  - Desktop/Laptop (28%)  - Tablet (26%)  - Smart Speaker (18%)  Mobile Site is a Compulsory Requirement for Searching:  Today people are using mobile devices to search anything in website and it has become a trend too. A study says that about 56% of searchers are finding information about a local business by voice search. It shows that frequent users got increased by mobile sites and if the page is not loaded quickly they may discard their searching, so your site’s ... Continue reading →

Netgear Genie Free Download for Windows 10

by Emy Eliane on Apr 16, 2019


Netgear Genie offers an easy way to monitor, manage and repair the home network.  With Netgear Genie Download Windows 10, you can enjoy the wonderful features of this app on your smartphone device.  The app allows you to access the following settings on your router: • Traffic metering. • MyMedia. • GuestAccess. Here are the steps to follow for Netgear Genie Download Windows 10: • Download the Bluestack on your Windows 10 PC. • Once you have downloaded this standalone setup file, install the Bluestack on your Windows 10 PC. It may take 2-5 minutes. • Once the installation process is completed, you are all set to run it on your Windows 10 PC. • In the next step, you have to install Summoners war for PC app on the Bluestack emulator.  Just make a simple search in the Bluestack Apps Search Console for Summoners War game.  You will be prompted to the app store from where you can have Netgear Genie Download Windows 10. In case you feel ... Continue reading →

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