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by John Sarkis on Oct 30, 2018


  Choosing the best day care centre is one of the most crucial decisions that a parent will have to make. However, picking the right child care for your child can be a daunting and stressing task. As a parent, you want the best for your kid, and finding the right place consumes more time.  Whether you are looking for occasional child care centres in dee why or a center to take care of your child every day, there are some things you should know before you enrol your kid. To help you make this important decision, we have got some tips to select the best child care centre in dee why.  Research:  Sending your child to day care is a big decision. So, research well before you choose child care centre. Research day-care centres in your area and enquire about their different programs. Doing research can help you choose the best dee why early childhood centre for your child. You can also identify whether the day care centre is good or not with the help ... Continue reading →

by John Sarkis on Nov 26, 2018


  Did you know? The first five years of a child’s life are really their most formative! It is renowned that early childhood education plays a major role in the brain development of the child. With high-quality care and early education in a safe and secure environment, you can bring the best in your child.  As of May 2017, there are 5,398 early childhood education services, including preschools, long day care, family day care and outside of school hours care centres across NSW. This number has grown by 42% since 2013 when there were 3,813.  Children learn best when they are not forced too hard and when they are given time for creativity. Also, sending your young ones to the child care centres in five dock has been found to be very supportive in their development. Here are some admirable benefits of early childhood education!  Helps in Development!  Children’s early learning experiences have a great impact on their future ... Continue reading →

Have A Wonderful Career With The Good Education Management Consultancy In India

by Maicle Desuja on Dec 9, 2018


Are you interested in joining the most lucrative career option? Earn more with your growing age in the tourism and hospitality industry. This is best kind of study, you can do at the moment. You must have seen the big hoteliers like the Oberois in India. You have noticed the luxurious way they live their lives. All their big success has started on eday from their choice of opting a smart career for themselves. The Taj Hotel, The Grand, The Hyatt and others are the best known hotels in the world and the world. With experience in Hotel Management, which includes managing the food t room of a hotel, there are giant steps the managers of these hotels taken today. Hard work, passion and dedication are what needed for success.   It is important for you to keep touch with the roots, when you grow up to higher positions in your life. If you forget someday, then you will also not be able to hold your position. At the manager rank, you need to manage many people at the junior levels. You ... Continue reading →

by Christene Brennan on Dec 21, 2018


  Child nutrition is the most challenging and confusing part of parenting, especially when your child has to be fed outside the home and by strangers. Will they feed my child on time? Will homemade food spoil? Should I stick to store bought? Yes, there are a million more questions are running through in your mind when you are planning to send your toddler to one of those child care centres in Macquarie Fields. But, don’t worry! We have got here simple and healthy food ideas for day-care, which your little one will love!  Purees  Home-made vegetables and purees are filled with essential nutrients and vitamins for your child. You can easily prepare the puree at your home every morning if you have the time or you can whip a batch on the weekend and freeze in ice cube trays.  Cooked vegetables  You can steam or roast the vegetables to make them softer and easier to eat. You can toss them with a little pepper before packing them. You can also try some ... Continue reading →

by Christene Brennan on Mar 7, 2019


  Did you know? From the very beginning, infants pay close attention to language. During the first year, they can distinguish all speech sounds that occur in their respective native language.  Early language and communication skills are vital for your kid’s success in school and beyond. Apart from the parents, child care centres in Toongabbie aid your little champions to develop the language and communication skills. So children who develop strong language and communication skills at the Toongabbie child care centre are less likely to have difficulties to read and speak in their advanced school levels. This article explains the importance of communication skills in child development and various techniques handled by Toongabbie child care centre.  Importance of Communication Skills in Child Development  The following are the reasons for teaching communication skills in child development,  - Aids in expressing their views and ... Continue reading →

by John Sarkis on Apr 14, 2019


  Today, the economic reality of our country is that most of the families consist of working parents – either two working parents trying to juggle work schedules and families or a single parent doing it on her own. For those who are unemployed, affordable child care can provide them with the time to attend school, look for jobs, go to doctor’s visit or just get a much -needed break.  Though childcare has become increasingly important in Australia, quality and affordable options are limited. Approximately half of the Australian families that use child care turn to centres or schools. But, this number varies depending on the family annual income and low-income families rely on a mix of care from neighbours, grandparents and unlicensed facilities.  In fact, recent research has found that the quality of child care is essential to the language, cognitive, and social development of young children as consistent and emotionally supportive care is highly beneficial ... Continue reading →

by John Sarkis on Apr 29, 2019


  As per reports, in Australia, nearly two-thirds (571,830 or 64.8 %) of families are using approved child care for Long Day Care and around one-third (324,260 or 36.7 %) chose outside school hours care. For a working mom, caring for their kids is a big task; so they demand high-quality daycare centres. The child care in Five Dock improves the psychological and social activities of the kids. Some of the benefits of child care centres are as follows:  - Prepare for Schooling:  The process of changing your kids from home/daycare to school is very complicated since they have not experienced a social environment. Leaving your kids at child care in Five Dock will be a secure method to prepare them for several activities and develop more skills on the transition of your kid to school. It is evident that the kids who are engaged in day care centres will have the capability of capturing any new methods and are developed with the competences of classroom ... Continue reading →

by John Sarkis on May 10, 2019


The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines child abuse and child maltreatment as - "all forms of physical and/or emotional ill-treatment, sexual abuse, neglect or negligent treatment or commercial or other exploitation, resulting in actual or potential harm to the child's health, survival, development or dignity in the context of a relationship of responsibility, trust or power." Child abuse can also include the failure to act by a parent or a caregiver that causes potential harm to the child. This can happen either at the child’s home or in other places like schools or child care centres. Any professionally managed child care centres Dee Why, will introduce the concept of good touch or bad touch to children, after they are three years of age. A loving touch can work wonders in toddlers – it gives them an assurance that they are secured. But, there is always a level that is acceptable and what is not. It is the duty of the caregiver to instil this safety ... Continue reading →

What is Social Engineering

by gautham on Jun 19, 2019


  Social Engineering Social engineering is a term called “people hacking”. It involves in the malicious way of gathering the users' information that can be used for personal gain. Some of the common examples of social engineering are false support personal claims. The process involves installing a patch or installing software from the user's computers. Then obtain remote control of the system. Generally, this type of false vendor claims to update the accounting page of the phone system. They ask for the administrator password and obtain full access. Their main goal to get user id and passwords of the unsuspecting contestants. Later hackers try those password on another website such as Amazon, google and yahoo, etc. Why hackers use social engineering Generally, hackers use social engineering to break into systems. Because their main intention is to open the door of the organizations by someone. Most of the social engineers perform their attack slowly. Hence the ... Continue reading →

by Christene Brennan on Jul 3, 2019


  Did you know The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is built on the understanding that the principles of early childhood pedagogy (DEEWR, 2009, pp. 12-13) guide the practice of early childhood educators? Research says that an educator’s pedagogy is one of the most important aspects when assessing the quality of children’s learning. So early childhood educators for a Toongabbie child care need to consider and question their pedagogy and corresponding practices carefully.  Today’s accelerated learning approach and intense focus on academic achievement have developed anxiety on children about school and academic performance. Moreover, there are a growing number of children who require counselling to get through this. Yes, when taken on an extreme, an accelerated learning approach can be problematic.  Why Play-Based Learning?  Play-based learning is an ideal way to allow children to pursue their areas of interest and work through ... Continue reading →

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