Can we predict major Earthquakes? Yes, we can! A new method developed by Anna Giakoumaki.

by Sara Miller on Aug 18, 2018


Anna Giakoumaki, the young woman who dares to challenge the scientific community. She predicts correctly each upcoming major earthquake in the Pacific  with just 3 "signs" (3 anomalies on Magnitudes/Depths & Times Continuities on U.S Geological Survey Live Earthquake Catalog) and she dares to say that "you can't predict correctly a major earthquake, because you don't really understand how the energy 'acts/behaves/forms' on the earth. If you understand what causes a major earthquake, you will make your first step in the understanding of how the energy forms &  manifest new islands in the middle of nowhere, volcanic eruptions, the movements of the tectonic plates etc..."     ... Continue reading →

by genesis nora on Apr 25, 2019


In order to know about the Scrum Product Owner Certification, you need to first know about the product owner and the responsibilities associated with her/him. The product owner is one of the most vital role to play in the Scrum team. It is definitely a challenging role that is responsible to make business-related decisions. The decisions include the features and the priority of the features. Skills such as creative thinking, facilitation, conflict management and the ability to influence other stakeholders and the team are required to get inputs by other businesses. It is the responsibility of the product owner to ensure that the maximum value is provided by each product in a timely manner. The responsibilities of the product owner comprise: *    Demanding the changes *    Developing and accomplishing the vision of the product. *    Rereading, testing and accepting the product. *    The responsibility of the product owner is to write or ... Continue reading →

by genesis nora on Apr 25, 2019


Professional Scrum Master is one of the top-rated courses which are designed to understand each and every concept of Scrum.  Scrum Master helps the professionals to that understand the main focus and concepts used for Agile and Scrum. In simple words, the Professional Scrum Master Certification is beneficial for those who wish to improve their knowledge in the Scrum framework and its relevant field. Nowadays, Professional Scrum Master has become one of the most demanded courses taken by the domestic and global level. Benefits of Professional Scrum Master Certification There are multiple benefits of taking Scrum Master training online and they can’t be explained in fewer words. Some of the benefits are listed below: Multiple Job Opportunity: There is a huge demand for Scrum Master certified candidate among the companies and they mostly look for a certified candidate that helps to grow their business. After completing this certification training, you can choose any job field ... Continue reading →

Phosphoric acid is a good issue, could you want to recognize extra

by Drinktowind on Jan 7, 2021


Phosphoric acidity can be a non-poisonous inorganic substance and a kind of tribasic susceptible acidity. Tribasic acidity approach an acidic substance that could dissociate 3 H in water. The dissociation method of phosphoric acidity can be as follows: Ka1, Ka2, and Ka3 may be the dissociation constants in the chemical system at 25°C. H3PO4(s) H2O(l) H3O (aq) H2PO4(aq) Ka1= 7.11×103 H2PO4(aq) H2O(l) H3O (aq) HPO42(aq) Ka2= 6.32×108 HPO42(aq) H2O(l) H3O (aq) PO43(aq) Ka3= four.49×1013 Chemical products Phosphoric Acid because of the polyacid nature of phosphoric acidity, its pH fee range is quite huge, inflicting its buffering phenomenon. As it is non-toxic and straightforward to get, laboratories and industries often use a combination of non-toxic phosphate and vulnerable acidity (for instance citric acidity) much like a buffer solution. Phosphoric acidity is broadly determined in microorganisms, particularly phosphorylated sugars as an instance DNA, RNA, and ATP. ... Continue reading →

What is the excellent fitness preservative you want

by Drinktowind on Jan 12, 2021


  The software in the meals industry 1. Echemi utilized being an antioxidant Tea polyphenols are employed as antioxidants. in view that loads of the tea polyphenols include extra than two ortho-hydroxy polyphenols and possess sturdy hydrogen supply capability, they're a really perfect antioxidant. most of the four primary catechins, the antioxidant capacity is EGCG>EGC>ECG>EC. becoming an antioxidant for shiny foods, its remarkable antioxidant traits, which is powerful is extra most efficient than artificial antioxidants 2,6-di-tert-butyl-four-methyl phenol (BHT) and butylated hydroxyfennel (BHA). The antioxidant aftereffect of tea polyphenols is applicable to meat product processing, oil storage, baked food, dairy food, fried meals, along with different beverage formulations. while freezing clean fish, including tea polyphenol antioxidants can steer clear of the oxidation of fish more fats. 2. utilized like a food preservative Tea polyphenols have inhibitory ... Continue reading →

What is the cleansing product soda used to protect the environment?

by Drinktowind on Jan 18, 2021


May be bought in small packages. Solvay's approach additionally called the ammonia-soda approach, become counseled by means of Belgian E. Solvay in 1861 (apprehend the best status for soda ash enterprise development). this is a vital method of soda ash manufacturing. This manner replaces the Lubrunn approach because of the smooth comfort to recyclable (raw salt, limestone), continuous manufacturing process, large, pinnacle great, and periodic price. Chemical products In planning sodium carbonate from raw salt and limestone, ammonia features as being a mediator. The first actual salt is first melted into saturated brine to take away impurities, then ammonia is absorbed to create ammonia brine, then carbonized to acquire folks that are (additionally referred to as weight alkali), filtered and calcined to obtain soda ash. The filtered ammonium chloride mother liquor is decided to the milk of lime to react and distill to extract the ammonia to gain recycled, in conjunction with the ... Continue reading →

Global Pine Derived Chemicals Market

by Drinktowind on Jan 22, 2021


Rising utilities in the adhesives, printing detergents, soaps and inks, plasticizers, resins, surface coatings, fragrance chemicals and others are factors driving the global pine derived chemicals market. Growing industrialization, the demand for environment-friendly, and renewable raw materials are the factors driving the demand for pine-derived chemicals. Limited availability poses a challenge to the growth of the global pine derived chemical market during the forecast period. The gum rosin segment is leading in the pine-derived chemicals market. The tall oil segment is projected to exhibit growth at a high CAGR. Growing R&D activities, high functional benefits, and multiple applications in adhesives, paints & coatings, ink, rubber, paper, and gum-based candy, and lower synthesis costs along with the possibility of large-scale production. Paints & coatings are dominating segments attributed to the large use in, growing industrialization, increasing environmental ... Continue reading →

Chemical companies should alter the brand new operation mode

by Drinktowind on Jan 28, 2021


Opposite to the conventional view, the commercialized chemical commercial enterprise could make as a whole lot of money as a specialized chemical enterprise. The secret's to change the business version. The commercialization of special chemical products is accelerating. despite the fact that the history of the chemical companies is a record of continuous commercialization, and the innovation of one era has come to be the same old product of the following technology, its pace is accelerating. there are many motives behind this variation. In some regions, professional businesses are trying to create progressive products, provide vast introduced prices to customers and differentiate themselves from competitors. at the same time, the mixture of recent low-value marketplace entrants (in particular from China) and excessive capacity way that the rate of increasing merchandise is not decided by way of the cost they supply to customers, but with the aid of their production expenses and ... Continue reading →

What Is Material Testing In Civil Engineering?

by Olivia Rodrigo on Feb 1, 2021


As the title itself may suggest, material testing is the careful study of materials. The substances can be an ingredient in various sectors, such as packaging, construction, industries, and manufacturing sectors.  As we all know, various materials are in use in day to day life. For acceptable standards of living, excellent facilities are essential. The facilities come in the form of houses, vehicles, aircraft, roads, dams, etc.  What Is Material Testing In Construction? For the construction building of various products, there is a need for robust components that stand the test of time. Civil engineering is all about building structures like road, airports, dams, houses, and much more. The materials used in such projects range from:   Cement Concrete  Asphalt  Mortar  Bitumen  Steel  Iron  Others   Tests are undertaken to determine the quality of materials that are in use for building projects. When you have the raw material going ... Continue reading →

New equipment can assist accelerate the chemical suppliers' price capture

by Drinktowind on Feb 3, 2021


Chemical suppliers face some vital picks in how you may execute their procurement methods of fine help to their agencies. inside the gift difficult marketplace situations, they have to do not forget going for a cautious check their supply-agreement mix and additionally at their method of charges, to find out if you'll locate financial savings that can be taken. This examination might also consist of reevaluating the exchange-offs among time period-contract purchases and shopping inside the place marketplace, in addition to considering how you may optimize the styles of prices plans they may use for his or her agreement purchases. If procurement departments assume marketplace situations to maintain being favorable to shoppers, they may think about making greater area purchases in preference to making an investment in agreement purchases which can be looking for many numerous weeks. rather, buyers might be capable of comfortable attractive contracts and charges plans for that ... Continue reading →

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