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Differences between a regular leather jacket and a biker jacket

by Alen Cooper on Jul 2, 2019


Men and motorcycle are just commonplace! Riding has become one of the integral parts of modern life. It does not only save the traveling time but also adds a stylish pace to life. No doubt riding a bike is an amazing job but you need to stay careful during riding. Before riding on the road, you should learn bike riding under professional guidance and have the proper license. All these are really important to ensure a safe ride regime. Dust, sunray, wind gust, and small injuries are so common here. But you can protect yourself from all these if you wear a real leather biker jacket during the bike ride time. Since the Second World War time, military men have been using biker jackets to make their patrolling job more secure. And Irving Schott has designed these jackets for the very first time. Even without being a bike rider, you can enjoy this type of jacket just for its stylish appeal. This type of jacket is slightly different from the regular real leather jackets as it only aims to ... Continue reading →

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