8 Blunders Commonly Made Aboard Private Charters & How to Prevent Them

by Tony Meredith on Oct 22, 2021


A boat cruise is a fun way to experience the holidays, but while on these holidays, certain mistakes can be of great risk to the charterer. Below are some of the mistakes and how you can either avoid or resolve them 1) Holding onto a sail well above its wind range This is a very common error for boat charters, especially when on a catamaran. The boat users become so carried away with the boat's stability that they ignore the increasing wind strength, thereby leaving the full sail up longer than necessary. Every boat charter is given instructions on the wind range to reef the main and reduce the headsail. It is wise to heed those instructions. 2) Loss of personal items This occurs either by theft or the items fall overboard. For the latter reason, it is very common to lose things due to the occurring winds that blow things away. One solution is to hold onto those items tightly or bring a spare. As for theft, this is not too common because most boat chartering communities consist of ... Continue reading →

6 Ways to Ensure the Best Charter Boat Holiday Experience

by Tony Meredith on Nov 22, 2021


A sailing holiday is an interesting adventure, and making proper preparation before setting sail has a huge advantage to get the best from the on-water experience. Taking time to do investigations, discussing ideas, and also making sure you have a broad and in-depth knowledge on challenges to be expected based on information from those who have been there before. Below are things to consider for the best sailing holiday experience: 1) Think carefully about your destination Every holiday destination has its peculiar attractions, from the sights to the food to the culture, but some challenges are encountered adding to the trip’s beauty depending on the destination communicated to the broker. Picking the right destination is researching the collective and individual expectations of every crew member and discussing it with the charter broker, who offers advice and ideas, making sure each crew member knows what to expect from the adventure. 2) Select the right boat for your crew When ... Continue reading →

How to Guarantee Maximum Profit When Selling Your Yacht

by Tony Meredith on Nov 22, 2021


Owning your very own private yacht is an enviable accomplishment that many people do not have the luxury of experiencing during their lifetime. However, those that do own a private yacht will quickly agree that they are worth every penny you pay for them. Yacht ownership has a variety of benefits, from both a recreational and even financial standpoint. From the immediate comfort and luxury that it offers, to the numerous business opportunities it presents when using it to fund a successful private boat cruise operation, owning a yacht is a dream come true. Private yacht ownership can also prove quite profitable if you choose to lease it out or enlist it for hire to others, for the purposes of corporate outings, private party cruises, weekend getaways and more. But regardless of all the adventures that owning a yacht promises, a time may come when you decide to sell it to either buy another one, or to simply pursue other avenues of enjoyment in life. This article provides expert tips ... Continue reading →

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