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8 New Books We Recommend This Week

by Smithsson on Jan 27, 2018


Photo Stories of survivors and social outsiders anchor this week’s list of recommended books. In fiction, there’s a novel about a woman who grew up under the Khmer Rouge and a posthumous collection from Denis Johnson that calls to mind the addicts and spiritual seekers of his influential book “Jesus’ Son,” as well as a coming-of-age tale about a cross-racial friendship and a novel featuring marginalized characters in India. (Also: murder in Paris and in 1918 New Orleans!) In nonfiction, our selections include a French autobiography that grapples with the changing landscapes of politics and media in the internet age, and a memoir by a woman who was held captive by ISIS militants in Iraq. Gregory Cowles Senior Editor, Books Desk THE LARGESSE OF THE SEA MAIDEN: Stories, by Denis Johnson. (Random House, $27.) This posthumously published collection picks up, to a large extent, where the influential and beloved “Jesus’ Son” (1992) left off. ... Continue reading →

Prof brings Latin American novels to an English-speaking audience

by nisse lind on Jan 28, 2018


UO Spanish professor Amalia Gladhart has several book recommendations she wants to share to help deepen people’s understanding of world literature — if only they weren’t written in Spanish. But some of Gladhart’s favorite texts are written in that romance language. So about a decade ago she started translating published writing from Spanish to English because she wants to make those books and other written work more accessible to a broader audience. Her newest project is to translate Argentine writer Angélica Gorodischer’s “Jaguar’s Tomb,” a 218-page novel that explores the difficulty of representing loss and grief in literature. Gladhart was awarded a prestigious 2018 National Endowment for the Arts literature translation fellowship to complete the work. “I think it’s important to translate books like ‘Jaguar’s Tomb’ because I want to broaden and complicate people’s ideas about Latin American ... Continue reading →

by Ahmed Khan on May 22, 2018


                                                            While reviewing the student assignment, I came to this conclusion that the major factor which lowers the student’s grade is their lack of nurturance on the grammatical errors. Students do find the task of writing daunting but in order to score high, and perform well in their academics, it is essential that they develop an understanding and a plan to overcome these errors. The prime most steps to conquer the mistakes made are to fathom the errors made in writing. The following are the mistakes which have been found to be made by the students more frequently.   1. The first step towards the development of the plan for producing error-free paper is to understand the determiners and their use. The determiners are the words which follow a noun or a noun phrase and ... Continue reading →

Benefits of Online Learning for Students

by Sarah Holden on May 23, 2018


The boom in the tech world has changed the dynamics of the things to a great extent. Every spectrum of an individual life has adjusted and integrated the technological usage. One major shift is observed in the individual’s education. The picture of notes scattered, books piled up and notes covering the bed have been switched with a laptop and a tablet on a bed with an internet connection. It is because of the expansion in the online educational institutes and activities. The inclination towards the e-learning activities has occurred because of the various challenges the traditional paradigm of education is facing. The days are short for the blackboards and the textbooks as the major shift in academic continue to exhibit out its dominance. Benefit 1: Diversified nature The major benefit that online education has provided is the diversity of courses provided at the disposal of the children. Think about any distinctive course you want to study, the spectrum of online education has ... Continue reading →

by alicebrant on Jun 8, 2018


Hundreds of universities opened the admissions for higher education promotion throughout United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and United Kingdom for 2018 intake in January. Now the time is here again to open doors for students from all across the globe to pursue their dream education in a university offering accredited degrees and quality education. Despite the hard efforts of universities and the funding, there are some serious challenges faced by higher education these days which need immediate attention. The higher education experts are talking and gathering facts about aligning their strategic goals with the cost and improve the governance of education in their institutes, let us see how many problems or challenges exist in the higher education today? Students Don’t Think they are getting their Investments Back When it comes to quality education and getting the most out of your education through a higher degree institution or university, a fewer students in the ... Continue reading →

How to learn to write an essay? Paper writing help from WriteMyPaper4Me.Co

by Margaret Watkins on Aug 20, 2018


  Writing an essay is a difficult task. This requires a good organization of your thoughts and ideas, time for research, planning and writing your essay. Writing an essay is a common task for students, as well as for those who conduct research or journalists. Usually, students need paper writing help in drawing up a good essay, and they are looking for an example of an essay on the topic. It should be remembered that when using any example of an essay as a model for compiling your own essay, you should not try to copy it in turn - this can lead to a poorly written non-original essay. Each essay is peculiar, because each essay has a different theme. But you can use an example of an essay as a structural model for your own paper. The structure of the essay usually follows the standard formats of academic writing. Here are some general rules for writing a good essay. WriteMyPaper4Me.Co is a custom essays service with years of experience in all types of studies in a wide variety of ... Continue reading →

Best tips for writing a good case study

by YELENA HOPPER on Aug 29, 2018


Case study are the task given for producing real life issue descriptions from wide range of topics. It is mainly associated with the students of the management sector. Students of the management sector are given task by their supervisor to write a critical view on a given topic and provide solutions to the problems that are associated with the given task. The student can also give his/her own ideas but ideas should be relevant enough and not written trivially. The case study should be written in a very simple manner so that it can be understood by the examiner even if the concerned person is not associated with the exact field of study. Case study includes theories and assumptions that includes factual, description and is mostly written in a formal tone. Case study involves the process of recording a research into the development of a person or a topic that is trending in recent news. Thus case studies are of vital importance as it involves the factual description of a topic and ... Continue reading →

Tips for Research Paper Writing

by Kate Levi on Sep 27, 2018


This website The College Essayist offers the best ideas and prices. For example, if you’re looking for the best way to start a research paper and you’ll find the top resources right here. In addition, searching for "good ideas for research papers" will just give you lots of results about "good ideas for research papers". Your time is precious!  This best way to start a research paper information is definitely "cutting edge." Whenever you want to come back to this fun "good ideas for research papers" site just click here and you'll be blown away by what happens next. Whenever you need some more quick facts about "good ideas for research papers" you’ll know you can come right back here instead of having to type long searches into hard-to-work search engines.    And don't get lost by forgetting why you started searching for "good ideas for research papers" to begin with, and start ... Continue reading →

When and how to start CLAT preparation?

by Exam nest on Oct 10, 2018


This is the most important question today in every CLAT aspirants mind. When and how should I start preparing for my CLAT Exam?   The best time to start preparing for CLAT is when you decide to appear for the exam. Before knowing the strategy for CLAT Online Test Series you should understand the proper structure of the exam.   Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a centralized examination conducted on a rotational basis by National law university (NLUs) in India. There are 19 National Law Universities, 2 Public Sector institutes and 43 other colleges that are eligible to use these scores.   CLAT is divided in 5 sections which are Legal Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, English and comprehension, Elementary Mathematics and GK and current Affairs. CLAT exam is conducted online with 200 questions to be answered in 120 minutes. Each correct answer is rewarded with one mark and 0.25 marks deducted for every wrong answer.   Since the major portion of the ... Continue reading →

How to Have a Fantastic Essay Writing Service in 2018

by michellstarc on Nov 13, 2018


Essay writing services have eased the hectic routine and schedule of the students. The daunting task that was once feared can now be handed over to someone who has more expertise on the subject. It is vital to know the rules and warning signs that will help to navigate through dangerous writers. In search of finding an essay writing service that can cater to your need of perfect essay can now be recognized by considering the following aspects before hiring it: · Uniqueness: The essay writing service should work with unique texts. They should incorporate such text in the writings that makes an essay stand out. The essays should be custom made by the writers and free from plagiarism. The service should include a free proofreading feature as well. · Transparency: They should offer transparently of the work done. Step by step process is a key feature which lets a service outshines its competitors and lets the customer know the progress of the paper portraying a trustful ... Continue reading →

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