7 Tips to Easily Modernize a Kitchen

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You don't have to tear everything down and rebuild everything to renovate a kitchen in a matter of hours . In addition to being expensive, this solution requires a lot of time and involvement. If your kitchen is still in good condition , but its style no longer suits you, there are affordable solutions . After all, it is essential to feel good in your kitchen! This is where the inspiration will come from and where you will cook great meals. So, give a new shine to this room where the culinary magic operates! 

Discover 7 techniques to easily modernize a kitchen.

1. Invest in new door handles

Decorating your kitchen with new door handles is like ingenious designsyour kitchen quickly. In solid brass, marble or oak effect: there are handles and doorknobs of all kinds .

You can also replace your classic closet doors with slack doors . Thanks to this system, you will only have to touch them with your fingertip to open them: even no need for wrists! And for the top drawers, opt for parallel lift doors to save space .

2. Replace the worktop


Give your kitchen a whole new look by replacing your current worktop with a stainless steel, laminate or wood worktop. The worktop is a highlight of your kitchen. Thus, changing a work plan allows you to modernize a kitchen quickly . Also think about renovating a solid wood worktop . These simple jobs to do will give your kitchen a new boost!

3. Test wallpaper to easily modernize a kitchen

In 2021, wallpaper is back in fashion in all rooms of the house! So the wallpaper for the kitchen can create a unique atmosphere with just one installation. Besides, wallpaper is much easier to replace than tiles, paint or sheets of glass cloth.

Look for paper with a vinyl finish that resists moisture: these papers are strong and durable! As a result, kitchen wallpaper can even last for years if it is installed correctly. Also, check that your future wallpaper is washable. So you will be able to remove unsightly stains in no time.

4. Adopt a central island


With or without a hood, the central island is a real way of life that is suitable for both young and old. In the center of your kitchen, your central island will bring charm and modernity to the room. But the advantages of the central island are even more numerous, in fact it:

  • adds storage space to your kitchen (to store pots or sorting bins for example);

  • can be used as a table for a quick bite to eat;

  • can accommodate hotplates or a hood;

  • is a privileged space to spend time with family;

  • expands small kitchens;

  • exists in a wide variety of materials.

To install a central island in your kitchen or to estimate the cost of the work, trust an IZI by EDF professional!


5. Install a glass roof between the kitchen and the living room

Installing a glass roof between the kitchen and the living room will expand the space and allow light to spread. Thus, a canopy is a great idea to modernize a kitchen easily . It also allows you to have an eye on the next room while maintaining privacy. Finally, whether raw, colored or white, the glass roof is a decorative element full of character.

6. Choose new lighting to easily modernize a kitchen


Modernizing a kitchen can also be done by changing the lighting. And the best way to create a warm atmosphere is to multiply the sources of light. Use LED strips to reveal the splashback or have lighting fixtures installed to highlight the modernity of your central island.

7. Attach wall shelves and place large jars on them


Finally, you can combine modernity and ecology . Today, everything is bought in bulk. This makes it possible to reduce packaging, consume exactly what you need and better organize your cupboards.

To buy in bulk, you'll need pretty jars for your groceries , empty glass bottles for your household items, and glass Tupperware for all of your fresh produce.

But you will also need to have shelving installed in your kitchen. This trick is easy to set up, effective and very affordable. And yes: no need to break the bank to modernize a kitchen easily!


Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Arts-and-Entertainment/15584-7-Tips-to-Easily-Modernize-a-Kitchen.html


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