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by Jessica Jackson on Nov 21, 2021 Arts and Entertainment 37 Views

Here are some potential spoilers for movie news.

Although we all like movies and go to the cinema, most of us can't see everything on the big screen. This means deciding which movies are "must see" on the big screen, and these movies are usually action blockbusters. After all, nothing is better than watching a huge action scene on a huge screen in a dark theater.

2018 is a good year to take action. From the always reliable comic book type to the more reliable Tom Cruise, there are some carefully designed battle scenes, perfect lens stunts, and some spectacular CGI moments that let us eat up the popcorn long before the subtitles begin to roll. The following is my favorite action movie news in the past year.

Panther techala vs kilmunger

In 2018, marvel film launched three wonderful films, and Panther made a good start. From any perspective, this is an excellent film, but one of the most important reasons is the use of the villain, kilmenger, played by Michael B. Jordan. He is the "bad guy" in the film, but in the marvel film universe, his motivation is the most resonant and probably the most legitimate.

That's why the first battle between kilmenger and tchala was so wonderful. The fight scene is not just an excuse for action, it is an important moment to help tell the story, just as all action scenes should do. We know a lot about both roles, especially kilmenger. Although "Panther" ends with traditional Marvel computer special effects, the fighting scene is much simpler. No one has super powers, and no one wears magic armor. This makes the struggle more heartfelt. The audience and the other characters in the film stand by the waterfall and feel like a real audience.

Pacific Rim Uprising - Battle of Tokyo

Although it's nice to occasionally see simple one-on-one fighting scenes, it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with a lot of CGI action scenes. The Pacific Rim uprising destroyed several monsters, several giant robots and most of Tokyo in a huge final battle.

In terms of its premise, the Pacific rim is a very grounded story, and the sequel of the Pacific Rim goes all out because it is actually just a film fighting giant monsters and takes it as a symbol of honor. In the final big outbreak, multiple robots fought against multiple monsters, which indicated more cool weapons and satisfactory monster death. In the end, it seemed that everything that could burn exploded in the brilliant display. This is the purest movie fun.

Ready player 1 - race for the bronze key

Although most films save the best for the last, player one believes that the best way to attract the audience is to enter large-scale action scenes from the beginning. The first challenge that our hero Percival must overcome is partly race, partly dismantling the derby and partly looking for Easter eggs for the audience.

As soon as we entered oasis, we started a game and saw our protagonist jump behind the steering wheel of back to the future DeLorean and compete with countless other characters. Other vehicles are also competing with racing cars and various obstacles, such as dinosaurs and King Kong. This is an extraordinary introduction to the digital world. We will spend most of our time in the film. You will want to watch it again and again. If you just want to find all the popular culture references, it's too fast for the first time.

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