Tips for Protecting Your Car’s Windscreen during the Frigid and Icy Months

by Sam Lampasona on Feb 22, 2019 Cars 318 Views


A study reveals that approximately one million windscreens are being replaced in Australia every year. This shows that most of the Australians are aware of the safety issues related to the windscreens. Windshield absorbs the shock during an accident and helps to release the airbags, thus protecting the passenger in it. So, such an essential part of a car should be maintained properly. If you find any issues with the windscreen, go for the windscreen replacement Sydney as early as possible. 

Even change of season impacts your car’s windscreen, especially, during the winter, the icy snows damages your windscreen as the glass is susceptible to the temperature changes. Your safety will be at higher risk if your windshield has cracks present already. This article is all about the maintenance tips to your car’s windscreen during winter. 

Impacts of Ignoring Your Car’s Windscreen Maintenance 

- The front seat passengers will be ejected, as a defective windscreen will shatter at once when it comes in contact with any forces. 
- Airbag malfunctions, as it cannot inflate with a cracked windshield. 
- When a rollover occurs an imperfect windshield shatters without providing any structural support. 
- Lack of protection during the front-end collision. 

Influence of Winter Season on Your Windscreen 

Due to the drop in temperature, the windshield gets contracted. This shrinkage will be uniform, if the glass is new. The presence of even a minute chip will lead to a non-uniform contraction in the glass, thus expanding the crack. In such cases, it is wise to choose the car windscreen replacement Sydney option. 

Tips for the Protection of Your Windscreen This Winter 

Even though the harsh cold weather damages your car’s windscreen, some incorrect practice like scraping ice off your windshield can also wreak a lot of havoc on the glass thus leading to cheap car windscreen replacement Sydney. The following are a few tips to safeguard your windscreen, 

- Cover Your Car The Before Night – Check for the weather forecast and cover the glass with a blanket or windscreen cover. 

- Avoid Boiling Water – Abrupt changes in the temperature cracks your screen. 

- Defrost Before Scraping Of The Snow – Give some time to the defrosters to melt-down the ice before scraping away the snow. 

- Park Your Car inside a Garage or Sheltered Place – Accumulation of snowflakes on the branches of a tree is prone to breakage, so it is not safe to park under a tree. 

- Use Winter Windshield Washer Fluid – Ordinary windscreen cleansers will freeze in the winter, so go for a suitable washer liquid. 

Thus enjoy the winter car ride with a perfect windshield. 

The author is a blogger and owns Competitive Windscreens Company that offers services like windscreen replacement Sydney, windscreen repair and many more. For further details visit

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