Expert Tips to Pick the Right EV Charger

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Every day, electric vehicles become more technologically advanced. Their use is no longer restricted, allowing clean energy to become a reality, and EV owners are beginning to examine business and household charging possibilities. Do you know how to pick the best electric vehicle charger? When you'll still utilise external charging stations while on the road, you'll also want to keep your vehicle charged when it's not in use by installing BMW charging station at your home or business.

Chargers of Type 1 or Type 2

Your option is mostly determined by your location and the type of vehicle you're charging. Type 1 inlets (plug and socket) are still mostly seen in vehicles from the United States and Asia. Type 2 cars are the most commonly available BMW i3 charger type. EVs nowadays usually come with at least two separate cords, allowing them to connect to chargers with different outlets.

The best BMW i3 charging stations are determined by how far you want to travel and how long you want to spend charging. Electricity costs must also be considered, as well as how to take advantage of off-peak rates, although the initial choice is between Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 chargers utilise less voltage, amperage, and kilowatts, but it takes significantly longer to charge your vehicle.

Three-Phase or Single-Phase

Domestic power sources are typically single-phase AC, however commercial outlets can provide three-phase AC to the EV. Because a single-phase charger delivers electricity at a third of the power of a three-phase charger, it takes three times as long to charge. If you plug your EV into a typical single-phase AC electric socket, it will take 8-12 hours for a standard 24kW battery to charge fully from zero capacity.

16 amperes or 32 amperes

Charging time is also influenced by the amperage you utilise, which is in turn influenced by the model of your vehicle. At public charging stations, you'll usually get a 3.6kW or 7.2kW charge, which corresponds to 16 or 32 amps of power. If your EV's on board charger only has a 3.6kW capacity, it will only accept 16 Amp current or less, and it will take around seven hours to charge. You may charge your electric vehicle with a typical household plug that provides roughly 13 amps, but it will take at least eight hours to fully charge.

Direct Current vs. Alternating Current

The domestic energy supply is AC, however most electronic gadgets, including the batteries in your EV, run on DC these days. If your car has an integrated charger, it will automatically convert the current, although some charging stations will supply DC directly by converting the AC at the point of delivery. This speeds up charging and is a suitable alternative for business enterprises, but it is more expensive to install. Rapid AC chargers typically have a power rating of roughly 43 kW, whereas rapid DC stations have a power rating of up to 50 kW. Both of these alternatives will give you an 80 precent charge in 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the capacity of your battery.

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