4 Important Signs of a Faulty Auto Transmission System

by Marcus Niles on Feb 6, 2020 Cars 146 Views


The automatic transmission system of any vehicle requires sufficient care and attention to ensure proper functionality and longevity. It is true that the repair costs associated with faulty transmission can be more than that of engine replacements.

By identifying the signs of transmission repair and acting fast, you can avoid expensive repairs down the road. This guide will be useful especially when you’re eyeing at used cars for sale in SeaTac. Here are some of the common signs of bad transmission that you need to know:

Slipping or Grinding While Switching Gears:

Automatic transmission in a vehicle is supposed to be smooth when changing gears. If you notice a slipping or grinding effect as you switch gears, it means that your transmission has certain problems that needs to be addressed. It is necessary to get the assistance of a professional transmission repair technician before it gets worse.

Noises from the Transmission:

If you hear weird noises coming from underneath your car, it probably means that your transmission is under repair. This might be a minor problem, but can get worse when it isn't inspected at the right time. Noises from the transmission system could be due to the fluid breaking down.

The fluid is supposed to keep the gears and components lubricated, but it loses its functionality over time. When you hear clunking or humming noises from the transmission, get it checked by a German automotive service in SeaTac WA at the earliest.

Transmission Fluid Leakage:

See a dark red liquid on the driveway? It could be the automatic transmission fluid. The transmission fluid is never supposed to leak. A fluid leakage certainly indicates that your transmission system is in trouble. This is also when the transmission repair costs can be expensive.

If you find that the transmission fluid level is less than required, there must be a leak. Insufficient fluid levels would lead to friction in the transmission system, which further leads to a breakdown. To prevent high repair costs, contact an expert automotive service to fix the leakage.

Delay or No Response to Change in Gear:

How does your car respond when you put the gear in reverse? Is there a delay, or no response at all? When your vehicle doesn't respond as intended while switching gears, there might be a fault with the transmission system. When the functionality of the fluid is degraded, a delay in response shall be expected. This could be fixed by replacing the fluid. However, other issues such as system errors may also lead to this problem. Head to an auto parts store in SeaTac WA and get the help of a qualified personnel.

The transmission system of a vehicle encounters different problems, large or small. The key is to be cautious and seek repairs at the right time to prevent extortionate costs and keep your vehicle in top shape. Be mindful of the condition of the parts and systems when looking for used cars for sale in SeaTac. Talk to the experts for prompt assistance.

The author runs an auto parts store in SeaTac WA. He is also an avid blogger who loves to write on automatic transmission systems in his blog. Visit https://www.autosportnw.com/ for more details.

Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Autos/Cars/5017-4-Important-Signs-of-a-Faulty-Auto-Transmission-System.html


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