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It is very common to meet people who have learned to drive thanks to a family member, friend or through the typical kinds of express, but when it is this way we almost always learn their bad habits and vices when driving. Do you know how to learn to drive in the safest and most correct way? Well, complement your knowledge with these 10 tips:


1) How to learn to drive: take the right position when sitting

The first thing you should do is relax and set aside your nerves. Rest your head on the headboard and try to support yourself so that the lumbar region is attached to it. Try to make the seat as reclined as possible, because if a crash occurs, this position would cause you to rise in the air, making it difficult for you to step on the pedals and brake with the required force. According to the How to Do page, the back should be supported completely and in a straight way, so that the shoulders are reloaded back and the elbows are stretched perfectly and without difficulty. for a taxi service in UK elephant and castle cabs


2) The position of the hand's matters

When we think about how to learn to drive standard or automatic, we forget something important (even if we think not): the position of the hands. According to  La Vanguardia, both hands must be kept on the steering wheel with the palm behind the steering wheel and the wrist just above the hoop. Both hands should be placed at 9 and 3 o'clock as in a clock, and at the time of turning you should turn the steering wheel with both hands, changing the position and interleaving the hands.


3) How to learn to drive: correctly position the position of the feet on the pedals

The separation of the seat from the pedals is very important since it depends on whether we can put the right force when we press them. It is essential that the brake is pressed to its maximum capacity, and when this happens, that the knee is bent markedly since with this we will make sure to brake in time to avoid accidents. In the case of how to learn to drive an automatic car, we must not use the left foot for the brake and the right for the accelerator, but both pedals must be controlled with the right foot to drive more safely and reliably. Important: for women, it is recommended not to drive with heels, since with these you lose contact surface with the pedal, so you do not press the pedals efficiently and you can cause an accident.

4) Adjust your mirrors for a better view

The side mirrors and the rear-view mirror are an essential and important part to take into account when looking for how to learn to drive since with them you will move keeping distance from other cars. Always adjust them before starting to avoid having to accommodate them while driving and this results in a distraction. According to the Safe Circle page, the side mirrors should be placed at a 15-degree angle in which the view of the rearview mirror is complemented with the side mirrors, in this way you will not see part of your car but you can avoid the blind spot in the lateral.


5) Use the seat belt

We all know the excessive importance of wearing a seat belt to protect us from accidents and save our lives. In addition, in many countries, including Mexico it is illegal not to carry it, so, in the absence of it, you will deserve a large traffic ticket.

Most cars have a belt witness, which will notify you with a light on the dashboard or some audible signal when it detects that you are not carrying it.


6) How to learn to drive: start your car correctly

Even if you don't believe this step, you should always keep it in mind as it is the way in which the car will move. The correct way is to always start it in neutral mode, so you should check that the lever is in this position once you get in the car. This is to ensure that, when you turn it on, the car does not pull forward or backward, in case it is set at some speed. To prevent this, the idea is to start the car with your foot on the brake.


7) Maintain a correct distance between cars

The correct distance, according to the CEA Foundation on Road Safety, is 3 seconds, which corresponds to the time used in emergency braking. It is also important to monitor the speed to be able to keep the distance you carry according to the other cars, that is why, if you drive an automatic car, you must adapt the speed according to the weather conditions. the cheapest taxi to Heathrow


8) Use the correct lane

When you think about how to learn to drive, it is vital that you take into account which are the lanes that are designed to maintain speed and be able to make a safe action overflow. One of the most important driving rules is not to pass on the right, and this has to do directly with the acceleration you need to carry on each track. In the case of the right lane, it must be used for low speeds, while the left lane is high; For this reason,  if you try to pass on the right, there is a high probability that you will find a vehicle running at a slower speed than the car you want to pass, and by not being able to brake in time,  you can cause an accident. Important: let a driver pass you if you notice that he exceeds the speed limit.


9) How to learn to drive: be aware that you are not the only one on the road

When driving we must always be aware of many details: place the seat well, fix the mirrors, leverage the lever, etc. But the reality is that this must be accompanied by the permanent attention of the cars that are around us. Just as it is important to keep your lane, just as essential is to learn the rules of basic courtesy of roads: Give way to who has a preference

Respect the traffic signals Use the lights to communicate with other cars All this is part of being aware that you are not driving alone and that you have to live with other cars that also want to reach their destinations.


10) Take care and know your car

Within how to learn to drive is also to give good maintenance to the car from time to time since it is part of taking care of your safety. Although with practice you will get to know your car more, since you acquire it is essential that you know the features that it has, such as its weight or type of traction, since this influences the driving mode you have to give it and of how the car moves on the roads.


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