5 Great Benefits of Using a Powered Wheelbarrow

by Terry Rowlands on Apr 5, 2019 Trucks-SUVS 372 Views


The invention of motorized wheelbarrows has been immensely beneficial for agricultural, construction, and landscaping projects. Conventional wheelbarrows did exist for long time, but they contributed to longer project durations, workplace accidents, and more. 

About Motorized Wheelbarrow: 

Gas-powered motorized wheelbarrows are self-propelled, meaning it doesn’t require manpower to move it from one place to another. The most popular motorized wheelbarrow is called the Muck Truck, which are mainly meant for gardening and landscaping works. They are used in farm work and constructions as well. 

Here are 5 awesome benefits of using a gas powered wheelbarrow: 

1. Handle More Weight: 

An average person using a conventional wheelbarrow can transport weight of around 200 pounds. This still requires great strength to maintain stability and to ensure the load doesn’t tip over. On the bright side, a gas-powered wheelbarrow can carry as much as 1200 pounds. However, there are various models of wheelbarrows that come in various sizes handling different capacities. There’s one for everyone. 

2. Reduced Labor Costs: 

As a is powerful enough to get the work done in relatively lesser time, labor costs can be significantly reduced. For instance, if the labor pay is $12 per hour, you could save $120 everyday by making the switch to gas powered wheelbarrows. What would have taken an hour for a person to accomplish shall be done within minutes using a motorized wheelbarrow. 

3. Reduce Workplace Accidents: 

Gas powered motorized wheelbarrows also reduce the risk of accidents. Employers every year spend billions of dollars on medical costs to treat back injuries. Also, employers have to ensure they have implemented necessary precautions meant to prevent such workplace accidents. Back strains and injuries can be reduced with the adoption of motorized wheelbarrows, as these machines pretty much does all the heavy work. 

4. They are Rich in Features: 

As mentioned earlier, gas-powered wheelbarrow for sale come in various models that have a variety of features. Some of them have different speed settings, and you could also purchase accessories to customize its functionality to your requirements. 

5. Great Portability: 

Another great benefit of gas-powered wheelbarrow is that they are so convenient and portable. It can be easily loaded on a pickup truck or a trailer. Additionally, the narrow width of the wheelbarrow is another factor that contributes to its portability. 

So, how do you find a motorized wheelbarrow of your choice? Consider the approximate weight capacity you’d need to narrow down the options. Get in touch with a reliable supplier who can help you make a decision. 

The author explains the key benefits of a gas-powered wheelbarrow in this write-up. He is currently working for a leading supplier of motorized wheelbarrows. For more, visit https://www.mucktruckamerica.com/

Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Autos/Trucks-SUVS/1871-5-Great-Benefits-of-Using-a-Powered-Wheelbarrow.html


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