Don’t Believe these 4 Popular Myths About Flowers

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Everybody loves flowers. They are perfect for decorations, and are offered as gifts to celebrate any occasion. When you read books or look up online, you’d find useful advice on purchasing the right flowers or maintaining your blooms. But not everything you read or watch about flowers has to be true. There are some popular misconceptions making the rounds, which have caught the attention of flower enthusiasts and florists offering flower delivery in Toronto. This write-up lists some of the most popular ones right below.

Myth 1: Don’t Keep Flowers in Your Bedroom

Fact: You may already know that flowers absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. But what you might not know is that the exact opposite happens at night. And this fact led to the misbelief that keeping flowers in your bedroom while sleeping is dangerous. Some people are under the impression that flowers will steal oxygen and it could be detrimental to human health. Well, that’s just a myth. Flowers and plants reabsorb very less oxygen at night, so you’ll be just fine.

Myth 2: All Flowers are Bad for Pets

Fact: Pets occupy an integral part of our lives. They are like family, and we give them all the love in the world. If you’ve been scouring the web to find out how to give them the best care, you have probably read that flowers are the worst enemies for pets.

Not all flowers are bad for your pet’s health. The key is to find out which flowers are pet-friendly. Popular flowers such as roses and orchids are safe, whereas azaleas and amaryllis are not recommended for home when you have pets. Talk to a florist before ordering flower delivery in Toronto to know if the flowers you buy are pet-friendly.

Myth 3: Sugar Extends the Life of Fresh Cut Flowers

Fact: When you want to increase the lifespan of cut flowers, there are some things you could do – replace the water in the vase regularly, use flower food to supply enough nutrients, and cut the end of the stems at an angle from time to time. Besides these tips, you’d have heard that adding a spoonful of sugar will be helpful.

Theoretically, sugar will provide the essential nutrients for the flowers to remain fresh and healthy, but it also promotes bacterial growth at the same time. This essentially negates the purpose by spoiling your entire floral arrangement. Therefore, experts suggest not to use sugar in the vase/bowl. Flower food has the proper balance of nutrients and bactericide.

Myth 4: There’s No Such thing as Seasonal Flowers

Fact: Some people believe that all flowers are available in abundance throughout the year and that seasons really don’t matter. You can get flowers whenever you want from a flower shop in Toronto, but that doesn’t mean that your favourite spring flowers would be available for your December wedding. When you want to purchase a specific flower for an occasion, ask the florist for its availability.

To make the right purchase of your preferred floral arrangements, consult with a qualified florist offering same day flower delivery in Toronto today.

The author often writes articles on various topics relating to flowers for his online readers. He has been working at a leading flower shop in Toronto for more 4 years. To know more, visit

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