Justifying Reasons Why Zinc is Suitable for Die Castings

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There was a time when zinc was often overlooked by engineers while choosing the right alternative for designing metal components through die casting. This was mainly because of the zinc’s weight, which is much heavier than compared to its other alternatives, such as aluminum and magnesium. However, weight is probably the only major drawback of zinc, but this is also true that there are some other great advantages of China Zinc Die Casting. Here in this article, we’ll discuss the main attributes of China Zinc Die Casting, just to find out such situations when zinc will be the best choice for die casting.


No doubt that zinc is heavier than both the aluminum and magnesium, but it is certainly not the heaviest. If compared to other materials which can be used for die casting, then you will find that zinc’s weight is not a matter of concern. So, keeping the weight aside, let’s have a look at the main advantages of Zinc Die Casting.


  • Zinc is a fluid alloy that renders superior castability, which is also the main reason why many engineers prefer this alternative for die castings. Greater castability means thin castings can be made with almost zero errors. No secondary operations are needed when zinc is used for the die casting process. On the contrary, you might need to spend a decent amount of money for surface finishing when using aluminum or magnesium for die casting. So basically, zinc is acost-effective alternative for metal castings.
  • Since the tools used for production are of heat-treated steel, the overall tooling cost of zinc die casting is also very low because of the low melting point of zinc. Moreover, dies used for zinc casting are likely to last up to 10 times longer than aluminum casting and 5 times longer than magnesium casting. Thus, the overall manufacturing cost is much lower when the production is done through zinc casting.
  • Because of the zinc’s ability to be cooled at a faster speed than compared to aluminum and magnesium, the production can be done at a much faster speed.Not just that, but zinc alloys remain stronger at room temperature than compared to other alloys. Thus, apart from being a heavier material, there are several advantages of zinc, which make it a suitable alternative for die castings.

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