Ways to Large Wall Painting Designs onto Your Wall – Ideas from Madhavfineart

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Painting designs on walls is the best way to make it look colorful and unique. It can either be hand-painted or you can use stencils. In this article, we have mentioned some ways of Large Wall Painting designs.

Make sure that the wall is clean: In case the walls are dirty, the paint may not stick. Wash the wall properly by using microfiber cloth and dish soap. Dry the walls after that.

Prepare your work area: Place a drop cloth, cardboard, newspaper or a plastic trap where you will be working. This will prevent the paint spill and protect your floor. You should also have paints, tape, brushes and towels with you.

Protect your clothes: Put on painter's clothing so that you don't get dirty. You can also wear a pair of vinyl or latex gloves to prevent your hands from acrylic paints.

Fresh coat of paint is necessary: You can either use the same color or a different color. However, you should make sure to use indoor latex house paint. While using reverse stencils, you should know that color that you'll use will be the color of the shapes and designs.

Using stencils

Gather your supplies: Stencils can help you to make simple and complex designs on the walls. You can also add the second color in the stencil, but make sure you have plenty of time and skill to work on it. Here's a list of things that you need:

  • Wall stencils.
  • A foam roller or a stencil brush.
  • Painter's tape.
  • Paint pan or a paint palette.
  • Paper towels.
  • Acrylic paint or wall paint.

Consider the room that you are painting: 

Some designs look good on certain rooms as compared to others. The rooms that experience a lot of activity should have an energized plan, and bedrooms shall have a peaceful design. Here we've mentioned some more ideas.

  • Use dark and rich colors for dining and family room. Use ornate designs like scrolls and damask.
  • Use bright and open colors for the kitchen. You can also paint food-related designs like grapevines and citrus.
  • Use peaceful colors for bedrooms. You can use cool blues, refreshing greens, purples and even pastels. You can consider using some organic design like sweeping curves, flowers, leaves and branches.


  • While taking a break, you should cover your paint pan or palette with plastic wrap. Cover the ends of the handles and wrap the plastic bag of the bristles. This will keep your Abstract Canvas Painting brush moist, and you can use that again.
  • It is advisable to ensure buying a good quality stencil brush because if you buy a cheap brush, it will shed its bristle over time with increasing work.
  • Continuously stir the paint before using it so that the pigments mix properly.
  • Clean the brush properly with a soft cloth and warm soapy water before applying it to another color of paint, & repeat the same strategies always.

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