Why Baking Paper is Essential in the Kitchen

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Professional bakers and chefs have had long rolls of baking paper in their kitchen so that they could use it for a range of reasons. If you don’t have a roll of baking paper, you have likely seen it lining the trays at your favourite bakery. 

Grease-resistant and moisture-resistant, it really should not be relegated to professionals any longer. Home bakers and cooks need the baking paper too for many reasons. Come on; let’s discuss why a baking paper is essential in your kitchen. 

What is baking paper? 

Baking paper or parchment paper is a grease-resistant sheet that can be found in bleached or unbleached versions. It is coated with silicone that makes it non-stick and heat resistant. Baking paper comes in pre-cut sheets and is environmentally friendly. This is the biggest difference between parchment and wax paper. As wax paper is coated with paraffin wax, it can melt or even burn. This is one of the reasons why professional chef and bakers prefer baking paper. 

Reasons to use parchment paper in your kitchen 

Easy clean-up 

You can cut the baking paper to fit your pan or buy pre-cut and pre-sized pieces to make clean-up a breeze. Because grease won’t penetrate onto your pan and you can remove the baking paper after cooking or baking. With parchment paper cleaning your pan is a breeze. All you have to do is just remove the sheet and wash the pan. 

Baked goods won’t stick 

This should be one of the reasons why you should use greaseproof paper in your kitchen. You have to use cooking sprays or use additional butter or oil to bake. With parchment paper, cookies and bars just slide off the tray without any hassle. 

Preserve the life of baking sheets 

If there are no burned bits on the pans and trays, the baking sheets can last longer. Yes, you can reuse the sheet as long as it is good to go. 

More than baking 

Once you have a roll of baking paper in your kitchen, chances are you will find no end of the ways to use it. Yes, you will discover seemingly endless uses. 

You can tape down a sheet of baking paper to a counter and you will have a workspace for your dirty work such as forming meatballs or rolling out pastry dough. 

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