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by Nikunj Shingala on Dec 23, 2021 Business 236 Views

As we know that so many social media channels are available on the web, choosing what works best per your business needs becomes typical. Should you want to be on all of these networks? 


Do you have enough resources and budget required to operate on all these channels? Do you know which social network can help you align your marketing goals? What kind of social network do you want to reach?


Finding the answers to all these questions can assist you in growing your business and fulfilling your requirements effortlessly. We'll help you know the best examples of quality social networks. 


Lets' start:


  1. Clubhouse


The Clubhouse is one of the widely used quality social networking sites, also termed a voice-based social network. It is quite popular as it is used for voice chat. An app like Clubhouse is highly popular due to its unmatched features. 


It is the voice platform on Twitter where commenting is not allowed but, it is not similar to every Twitter account. Users can't comment on others' accounts till the account owner doesn't permit it. Some Twitter account holders allow others to read the comments but don't write the comments.


  1. Instagram


Monthly active users: 1.22 billion


A few years back, Instagram was just a photo-sharing app; however, it has taken over the whole world, and now it has become a globally used social media app. Apart from that latte art, and astrology memes become a virtual mall, with plenty of robust features intended to assist businesses in selling their products.


  1. EduDo


EduDo is a self-development media platform intended for those who want to be skilful and better in any domain, from the food sector to space technologies. 


This app links those who want to share their knowledge with people who need that. People can also share insights and analysis on art, physics, and math culture to tech, food, business and money tips, and others.


  1. Snapchat


Monthly active users: 498 million


This camera-first app came into existence in 2011. Nonetheless, Snapchat's users are very loyal: 82% of its overall users are below 34, and it remains the best app for teens.


Organizations that focus on earning attention from Gen Z are going to experience this platform. You can start with Snapchat ads and Snapchat for business.


  1. MeWe


MeWe is a unique example of a quality social network. It offers users the options to chat, share video, audio, and photos, and creates a feed of the orb that attracts you most. 


MeWe also claims that its algorithm doesn't utilize your data and manipulate the feeds in any manner. Users of the app only see what they follow without suggestions or ads, as MeWe never sells its registered users' data to third parties.


  1. LinkedIn


Members: 756 million


LinkedIn is a widely used quality social network by different industry professionals. Indeed LinkedIn has achieved tremendous popularity as brands and users have realized that LinkedIn is a dedicated site to professionals than a regular job board.


According to a report, more than half of marketers say they will utilize LinkedIn in 2021.


Wrapping Up:


Now you know the top quality social networks and associated possibilities with them. Businesses should understand the potential of any social network before using that, as it will assist you in getting the best results at affordable prices and available resources. In this writing, we have described some of the best social platforms that you can use to achieve your business goals.

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