What Are The Benefits Of A Jumbo Bag?

by Nishant Kothia on Jan 19, 2022 Business 51 Views


A jumbo bag is the type of bag that is widely used for storage, transportation, and handling of powder, flakes, or granular materials. The FIBC / jumbo bag in Gujarat is made from heavy-duty materials such as high-density polyethene (HDPE) and thick gauge high-impact resins that allow them to hold more weight per cubic foot than normal bags. The manufacturers have the option of making the bags in two colours, white and black, and the ink can be printed using offset printing or flexo printing methods. Since they are eco-friendly, they are highly preferred in today's business world.

Low weight & Cost-Effective Packaging

Jumbo bag offers one of the most cost-effective and lightweight options available. Made from high quality and durable material, it's perfect for transporting a variety of items without adding excess weight or unnecessary bulk to your packaging.

Safely Pack Products Ranging From Industrial to Food Products

The jumbo bag is a solution to safely pack products ranging from Industrial to Food products in bulk. With these bags, your risk is minimized and having them custom made for you will ensure that your products arrive safely. They're available for rental or purchase in different sizes, and you should speak with professionals about how many you'll need for your specific project.

Optimizes Storage Space as It's A Stackable Container

Made from high quality plastic, jumbo bags are designed to optimize storage space. Because they're stackable, you can use them in any combination of shapes and sizes to get more efficient use out of your bulk containers. They also help reduce clutter because when empty, they fold down flat and nest neatly in your container—no stacking required!

Fully Customizable To Meet Your Packaging Requirements

FIBC bulk bag is designed to be customized according to your needs. In other words, you can choose exactly how many bags will go on each reel, from 250 bags to 5000 or even more. You can also choose different bag styles, including flat bottom and gusset top bags and a wide range of colours for both single layer and double layer jumbo bags. This customization allows you to create a large order without compromising either space efficiency or safety.

Environment Friendly As It Can Be Reused/ Recycled

There is no need to purchase additional bags with jumbo bag liner, and they can be reused or recycled. This makes them more eco-friendly than regular plastic bags. Plus, manufacturers are currently working on a new material called eco plant that is even better for the environment and doesn't leave behind as much environmental waste!


As the demand for jumbo bags increases, the manufacturer in Gujarat works day and night to provide the best bulk jumbo bag and bulk container liners in Gujarat to their customers. All you have to do is, choose the right jumbo bag manufacturer to make a knowledgeable purchase.

The author of this article is a leading jumbo bag manufacturer. In this article, he listed the benefits of a jumbo bag. To find more, visit https://www.ganeshfibc.com/.

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