Annoyed Over A Dirty Windscreen? Get These Tips for a Sparkling Windscreen

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Did you know? A French chemist, Edouard Benedictus invented shatter-resistant glass in the 20th century, and the earlier versions were made of ordinary glasses, which shattered easily. 

A windscreen is one of those things that people who own a car takes for granted. A windscreen that is in perfect condition is never remarked on, but as soon as a crack or chip appears, a windshield repair Sydney is needed. So maintaining your windscreen is so vital to prevent windscreen replacement Sydney. Keeping your car windscreen away from dirt, aids a safe driving as they can hinder the driver’s vision. Also, a clean, sparkling window will make your car look great. This article gives you a few simple steps to clean for ensuring a pristine windscreen. 

Importance of Cleaning Windscreens 

Even though car windscreen cleaning is a simple car-care task, it safeguards your life while driving by providing good visibility on the roads. The following are the benefits of a pristine windscreen, 

- Dirty Windscreen Is Dangerous 

When sunshine combines with mucky or dirty windscreen, it makes it difficult to see the road, especially during the rush-hours. Also, dust particle build-up, bug-gut smudges, tree sap, and greasy road-related smears lead to a road accident. 

- Avoid Glass Repair Service Fees 

Windscreen chips can easily go unnoticed. Cleaning and examining your windscreen regularly can help unnecessary car glass repair Sydney in the long-run. The earlier you fix car windscreen chips, the less is the chance of more expensive damages to your windows. 

Tips for Cleaning Windscreen 

Cleaning the windscreen only takes about half an hour out of your day. Fixing your car’s windscreen grime will not only make your driving safer but also saves your time and money on windscreen replacement jobs. The following are a few tips for cleaning your car’s windscreen, 

- Lift the windshield wipers before spraying any glass cleaner and ensure that the area beneath them gets cleaned. Leave them in the “up” position during the cleaning process. 

- Spray half the windshield with glass cleaner, which you intend to wipe first. 

- Wipe the glass in a straight vertical pattern with a microfiber rag. 

- After the completion of the vertical pattern cleaning, go for cleaning in a horizontal direction. 

- Once finished with one side of the windshield, repeat the same process to clean the other half. Do not clean using circular motions as this could leave streaks. 

- After the cleaning, put down the first wipe and take a fresh cloth for buffing the windshield. Do the cleaning in a circular motion. 

Thus have a safe journey with a pristine windscreen. 

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