Need To Get The Best Baking Result? Make Use of the Greaseproof Papers

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Did you know? Greaseproof paper was first invented in the Ptolemaic Dynasty, in Egypt, during 305 to 283BC. Being in a fast world, where everything can be obtained in no time, even food preparation is made easy and quick with various cooking techniques. And one among the latest cooking techniques is the cooking with greaseproof paper. This paper is eco-friendly and makes your cooking mess-free. This article explains in detail about how smartly the printed greaseproof paper can be used for baking your favourite dishes. 

Why Greaseproof Papers? 

A greaseproof paper is a handy kitchen tool. It is a long-time favourite of chefs, bakers, and home cooks due to its non-sticky property and easy cleanup. The following are the top reasons for keeping a roll of greaseproof paper in your pantry at all times. 

- Even Baking 

Generally, some pans and baking sheets tend to have unequal hot and cold areas that result in baking issues. While baking paper creates a thin and airy layer between the baking sheet and the paper that regulates the temperature and neutralises the hot spots. 

- Prevents Undesirable Spreading 

Flat greasy-looking cookies won’t be tempting. Hence for fuller cookies with a softer middle, greaseproof papers are used as they hold on the cookie dough. 

- Non-Sticky 

Food items that are baked on greaseproof paper slide off the baking sheets easily. Also, cake pans lined with parchment allow the cakes to flip easily out of tray, without clinging to the bottom. 

- Neat Straight Cuts 

Make use of the greaseproof papers while cooking brownies and bars, as the greaseproof paper enables neat straight cuts, without the sides of the pan getting in the way. 

- No Messy Cooking 

If you hate scrubbing burnt-on crusty bits off large pans and baking sheets, make use of the greaseproof papers. You can throw the dirty parchment paper away and rinse off the pan with warm water. These papers make your cleanup fast and efficient. 

- Insulation 

For baking your proteins like meat, poultry, and fish, wrap them with a greaseproof paper and enveloping before baking creates a steam pocket that cooks the meat gently. This method retains the moisture content, tender texture, and prevents overcooking. 

- Proper Breathing For The Cooking Dishes 

The foil and plastic wrap seals out air while a greaseproof paper allows foods to breathe even when it is wrapped, giving a crispier exterior and well-cooked interior. 

Thus for baking make use of the greaseproof paper and cook delicious food. 

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