Why Hire a Traffic Lawyer - 4 True Benefits Explained

by Michael Moussa on Jun 20, 2019 Business 156 Views


When driving on the road, it is easy to get distracted or make small mistakes which result in a traffic violation. Some common driving offences include speeding, fail to stop at red light, drink driving and hit and run. Dealing with traffic infringements can be very onerous, tedious or stressful. We advise you always hire traffic lawyers in Parramatta to assist you. Here are 3 true benefits of hiring a traffic offence lawyer: 

Traffic Laws Can Be Confusing:

Traffic laws are not as simple as one might think. Traffic offences are strict liability offences, meaning that the Court must only find that the defendant committed the offence, not that they intended to, in order to make a finding of guilt. When you hire proficient criminal lawyers in Parramatta, their wealth of knowledge and experience can assist you to get the best result possible, reducing culpability and relieving you of a criminal record. 

Getting Evidence: 

Evidence that you committed the offence is the only element that determines your guilt when it comes to traffic offences. If you are disputing someone else’s version of the story, criminal lawyers in Parramatta will obtain any video footage available on your behalf so as to prove your side of the story. They can also negotiate with the police to amend the facts that they are alleging, to show what happened in a light that is more favourable to you. 

Saves Money: 

There is a misconception that traffic lawyers are more costly than simply paying the fine or serving a probationary period. For serious matters, however, it is prudent to seek legal representation in circumstances where, you cannot afford to pay hefty fines or expensive insurance premiums, you are at risk of losing your license and that this could lead to a loss of income or employment, or you are at risk of getting a criminal record which impacts your ability to travel or gain future employment. 

Reduce or Dismiss Ticket Penalties: 

Drink driving lawyers in Parramatta can also reduce your penalties or have them dismissed entirely. Sometimes, administrative or technological errors result in an incorrectly issued traffic infringement. A lawyer can assist you in gathering evidence to dispute such an incident. Although traffic offences are of strict liability, with the assistance of a lawyer, the Court can be convinced to order less severe penalties where you have shown that the offending behaviour was out of character for you, and you participate in a Traffic Offenders Program to prove your commitment to correcting this. A lawyer will instruct you on what evidence to gather and present it for you. 

The author is one of the experienced, award-winning traffic lawyers in Parramatta. This writeup explains some the great benefits of hiring a traffic lawyer. For more, visit https://www.nationalcriminallawyers.com.au/

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