How to Care for Luxury Wallpaper

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For many interior design projects, the difficulty lies in finding the highest quality products for your clients. However, sourcing and installing these products is only half the battle.

Once you have them, they need to be cared for in the right way to ensure their longevity. This is especially true for luxury wallpaper.

Assuming you’ve used a professional wallpaper installation service in London, the wallcovering should be fitted correctly and won’t have any issues with coming off down the line - if it’s properly maintained.

What’s The Best Way To Care For Luxury Wallpaper?

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

So often ignored, but oh so important, manufacturer guidelines offer the best insight into how to care for your wallcoverings.

There are hundreds of luxury wallpaper brands around the world, and each of them have their own unique styles and processes when it comes to designing their products.

Depending on the material, there will be different methods to cleaning your wallpaper. For example, the natural material of grasscloth is unlikely to react well to a hard scrub with soapy water. In fact, this could irreparably damage the wallpaper. Instead, you may be advised to lightly dust and use a specialised cleaning solution periodically.

Mistakes when caring for high-end wallpaper are much more high-stakes. Their value coincides with the beauty, so it’s important to follow the guidelines laid out by those who made them to mitigate the risk of costly errors.

Take Preventative Measures

So often easier said than done, but it’s an important step you must consider if you plan on having luxury wallcoverings in your property.

Let’s go back to our grasscloth example for a moment. Because the material is natural, it’s unlikely to react well to excess moisture and frequent changes in temperature. So, one preventative measure may be to prevent installing it in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Other wallpaper types, such as stretch fabric, are best suited to commercial areas. They’re great for sound-proofing, but their fabric covers make them a target for stains. As tempting as it may be to sound-proof the children’s room for playing, they can harbour any dirt that finds it way onto its surface. Those who specialise in stretch fabric wall systems installation in London can always advise you on where the best place is for this kind of wall covering.

If you want to test different cleaning solutions, it’s best to do this in areas out of sight. If you’re testing the standard practice of soap and water on your wallpaper, then it’s crucial you test this in a small area first.

You can try it on a small section behind a piece of furniture. If the colour runs, or the moisture absorbs into the paper itself, you’re likely to do more harm than good. If it cleans perfectly and doesn’t cause any issues, move ahead with regular cleaning. Again, always check manufacturer guidelines before trying any cleaning solutions.

Be Gentle When Cleaning

While it may be tempting to jump right in and scrub away dirt and grime, this will cause unnecessary damage and leave you with much bigger problems.

Start of with light dusting. Over time, dust can gather to make a wall appear much dirtier than it really is. Take some time to gently dust away at your wallpaper, ensuring you cover the entire area and get into any crevices; this is especially important if you’ve got textured wallpaper.

Once the dusting is finished, you can move ahead with the periodical cleaning based on the manufacturer's guidelines. Take your time and be gentle, and you’ll reap the rewards long-term.

Alternative Cleaning Methods

As well as regular cleaning, there are alternative methods you can use.

For example, wallpaper dough is perfect for dry-cleaning your walls. Use a small part and roll it into a ball, then use your hand to roll it over the dirty surfaces. Re-roll it to put the dirty area into the middle and repeat. Once the whole ball is dirty, use a new piece. This is great for minimising damage that may come with water and soap.

While many people can offer different techniques to care for your wallpaper, there’s no substitute for consulting a professional, or getting in touch with who you purchased it from to ask their advice.

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