Here Is What Your Kid Should Know Before Starting Preschool

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Every parent wants their child to have a great start in life, and preschool Maylands offers an excellent foundation for succeeding in academics. Of course, you and your kid may be anxious if you are getting ready to enrol your kid in childcare. Learning starts from home, and your children must learn a few things before they are heading to preschool. But, what exactly do they need to know before starting? Read on to find out.

Social skills

Social skills are more important than academics. Children have plenty of time for academics throughout their school years, but social skills are the foundation and help them to start their journey right. Your little one will be away from you, and he/she should be able to share, play together, take turns, express their feelings, have good manners, and take part in pretend play.

Setting play dates is one of the best ways to learn social skills before your child enters kindergarten Maylands.


Children should learn from their success and failure. So, never rush to rescue your little one in every challenging situation. Guide them, but don’t rescue. Let your child to soothe themselves in a difficult situation and make appropriate choices, and that’s how they tend to learn to be independent. As a result, your children will learn and grow from their success and mistakes.

Encourage your child to become independent with basic self-care skills, including nose-wiping, hand washing, opening lunch containers, zipping a backpack, and covering his/her mouth when coughing or sneezing.


It is of utmost importance to teach your kid how to be organised before he or she starts Childcare Maylands. This helps them to be organised when they are at school. Teach and help your little one how to store and organise their stuff. Show them where their toys belong after playtime. Make the cleaning session fun by putting on music or singing a song. This will definitely help prepare your kid for cleaning up at preschool and for storing items in the right place.


Your child won’t be able to know how to write and read at young age. But, they should show some readiness like recognising some letters. Besides, knowing the colours, shapes, and the difference between real and pretend can be helpful. Your kid should be able to sit still for at least 10min and understand and comply with class rules.

Potty training

Yes, potty training is a complex issue. But, it should be taught before your child heads to the preschool. Before settling on the preschool, enquire about the potty training policy. If independent toileting is a must, consider whether your child is ready or not. Some preschools assist parents in the potty training process.

The author owns a reputed Childcare Maylands. He is fond of children and gives various tips about parenting in his blogs. He provides an engaging preschool program in a loving, home-like environment where children can play and learn. Visit for more details.

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