Transportation across Australia is turning to electric cars for their Delivery Fleets

by Sam Korkees on Aug 17, 2020 Business 188 Views

In Australia the EV market is expected to double in next coming years, as each section of transportation promises to reduce the carbon footprint and tick of the bullet points on their corporate social responsibility checklist. It is inevitable to shift some percentage of their transportation services to Electric cars and the associated electric car charger infrastructure. Previously in the early 2000’s the low battery capacity and an unknown dislike to the miniature box shaped electric cars proved to be a major deterrent to electric car uptake. Then along comes Tesla, suddenly EV’s got faster, just as fast as Internal combustion engine. The sleek modern look changed the views of consumers towards EV’s

As the consumer market got flooded with EV, copious amount of capital was invested into R&D which further led to drastic positive outlook for the EV market. As people become more familiar with the idea of EV, businesses and organisations started to integrate into various facets. This further added an attractive proposition as an environmentally conscious business. Transportation businesses including freight and delivery are all transitioning towards EV.

An increasing e-commerce presence of high turnaround companies like Amazon made momentous moves in regards to changing the transportation medium. Amazon has partnered with automaker Rivian. This will allow Amazon to follow through on their commitment of becoming carbon neutral by 2040. Amazon has highly invested into the Rivian Deal, Amazon has made an order for 100,000 all electric delivery vans. With early prototypes designed and tested in the labs, it will be a while till the vehicles will run on the road. However this deal will require massive amounts of electric car charger across the world including Australia.

As the online stores increase in popularity and supply chain management aim to increase in productivity, various delivery vehicles have undergone electrification. The shift towards electric vastly decreases the carbon footprint of the industry. Considering the number of vehicles and the vast distances these vehicles travel, it is inevitable for the economic benefits to tip over into EV’s hand. With the advent of cost effective electric car chargers this will help reduce the cost of charging relative to petroleum based vehicles

The ongoing cost of maintenance of combustion vehicle is significantly higher than the delivery EV. This difference will become more transparent as EV’s upgrade and utilise latest battery technology. The battery trend has only just started and the rate of improvement is not predicted to plateau soon. The current reports from Rivian is to have a 180kW battery. The current models of Rivian have claimed a starting price of $70,000 and will be able to travel around 600km. These numbers are optimistic and also taking into consideration autonomous driving creates a new revolution in the fleet industry. If Rivian were to be successful, it will be a tectonic shift in the transportation industry.

Soon it will be the end of the combustion vehicle, Bezos expects 10,000 vehicles to be on the road by 2024. It isn’t just amazon with leading investment amounts, companies like Ford and Cox automotive have each announced $500 million and $350 million of investment respectively.

As a pragmatist individual who is continually evolving, trying to poke each and every corner of the world and figuring out how to tackle both small and big problems. To learn more about electric cars and their electric car charging infrastructure visit

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