Best ways to protect your Website against Google Penalties!

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Google aims to provide quality, highly relevant services to its users. This has lead to penalising sites that do not fit to Google’s guidelines and white hat SEO. If you have been hit by a Google penalty already, you know that it is one the scariest nightmares to face on the internet. From reputable sites to small businesses, any website can be penalised. A Google penalty can be disturbing to any site as it ruins its organic traffic, ranking, brand, and much more.

In this article, we have some sure-fire tips from an SEO specialist to protect your site from Google penalties.

As Google changes its algorithm constantly, your site could be at the risk of getting a penalty if you are not protecting it proactively. Many website owners have no idea how their site can get a penalty and how much damage it will do to their website.

It might seem tricky at times, but by following the tips from experts in SEO agencies Sydney, you can protect your site against Google penalties and make sure your search traffic stays strong for the years to come!

Get a Link Audit:

You should know this already, quality backlinks are essential to building authority to your site and brand. One spammy or low-quality link can make the difference from being removed completely from the search engine and being indexed on Google. On the other hand, the importance of a quality backlink can be the difference between having your website rank on the first and the third search result pages.

Nearly 75% of the internet users never scroll past the first page on the search engine, that’s why it’s so important not to put your ranking at risk with low-quality links. 99% of the time, low quality or unnatural links are the reasons behind a penalised site.

That’s why it is crucial to keep track of your links with full backlink audits every month. Keep track of high and low-quality links and who is linking to your site. If you find low-quality links, take necessary actions immediately.

Watch Your Anchor Density:

Watch for the anchor density of your keywords. It is vital to prevent a penalty. Watch and track the anchor text link percentage related to your URL, target keywords, brand, and industry-related terms.

SEO experts advise having about 25% URL links, 25% brand anchor text, 25% generic anchor terms, and 25% target keywords. Keep in mind that your anchor density will change continually as new links are built.

If you happen to notice, your anchor density being too high, act quickly to dilute the percentages before you get hit with a penalty.

Expand your Backlink Portfolio:

Visualise backlinks as stock options. You must not put all your funds in only one stock option. Similarly, you should not rely on just one source for your backlinks.

To craft your online presence look diversified and natural, it is imperative to include forum comments, blog comments, directories, and social media in your link profile. A healthy backlink collection can result in a better SEO ranking. Try and build alternate links to balance out to create a diversified and healthy backlink profile.

A penalty from Google means so much trouble. So make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Follow these tips from the experts at SEO Sydney to make your life easier!

The author is a blogger. With a team of passionate SEO specialist, he helps his clients by delivering excellent results, which in turn will generate new business for them. Visit for details.

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