Tips to Fuel Your PPC Campaigns

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Pay-per-click advertising can be one of the most effective strategies to drive traffic, brand awareness, and most importantly, conversions. But the digital marketing tides are shifting, and PPC marketing strategies that used to work are now falling flat. So, what digital marketers and pay-per-click advertisers need to know to stay ahead? A solid PPC strategy is the key to planning, executing, and optimizing paid ad campaigns! A strong PPC strategy equals better results. For that, you have to implement it properly with the help of a PPC agency in NYC.

Paid Search Strategy: Planning Phase

1. Define Goals and Budget

2. Analyze competitive landscape

3. Research keywords

Paid Search Strategy: Execution Phase

4. Define your account structure

5. Write Effective Ad Text

6. Build PPC landing pages optimized for conversion

Paid Search Strategy: Optimization Phase

7. Identify Negative Keywords

8. Increase ROI

9. Measure and Report

PPC Marketing Strategies That Boost your

1. Landing pages are an indispensable part of PPC in New York, which increases conversions. So, leverage ultra-specific landing pages.

2. Automation on other platforms! Research says, by 2021, the process automation segment alone is expected to be worth 83 billion U.S. dollars. So include automation on other platforms.

- Facebook Automation: While Bing and Google work to balance automation and control, Facebook lets you go almost completely hands-off with Facebook automated ads.

- Bing Automated Rules! Bing has a “notify me when” feature that will send you an email when specific parameters are met. This allows you to make decisions based on the health of your entire strategy rather than create hard and fast rules.

3. Make use of Google’s smart bidding features

The drastic increase in revenue might have something to do with newer automatic advertising features like Google’s Smart Bidding. Did you know in the second quarter of 2019, Google generated $32.6 billion in revenue from advertising, an increase of 16% over the previous year?

There are four main types of Smart Bidding features:

- Enhanced CPC - Automatically adjusts your manual bids for clicks that seem more likely to lead to a conversion.

- Maximize Conversions - Increase conversion rate by tailoring bids for every auction

- Target ROAS - Predicts future conversions to set max CPC and improve ROI

- Target CPA - Uses historical data to find the optimal bid for each ad automatically

Bonus Point on How to Run a PPC Campaign

- For your PPC campaign select a platform

- Select the ad type to inverse in

- Determine your bidding, and budget strategy

- Customize your target search terms, location, interests, and audience

- Organize your campaign into “ad groups.”

- Identify and design landing pages, which matches the intent of each search term.

- Track your ads’ performance in the context of your larger marketing initiatives.

Are you looking to run an effective PPC campaign for your business? Consider hiring the right digital marketing agency for successful PPC in Queens NY!

The author of this article is working at a leading PPC agency in NYC. In this article, he discusses tips to fuel your PPC campaigns. To learn more, visit

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