Defoamer Existing Problems and Development Trendsedit

by Agler Smith on Nov 19, 2020 Business 144 Views

While using the continuous progression of PESO defoamers, many new active defoaming components emerged, making the research round the reaction mechanism of compound defoamers as well as the synergistic outcomes of each component more in-depth. Therefore, defoamers with single ingredients and poor economic benefits will progressively get substituted with multifunctional and highly efficient compound defoamers. This is actually the long-run trend in the defoamer market. 

The chemical introduction of new groups in line with the initial PESO, for instance -NH2 (amino), Cn (H2O)m (sugar), C6H5COC6H5 (benzophenone), and -COOH (carboxyl), can offer PESO more reactivity and versatility. While using growing curiosity about cleaner production worldwide, the development of new kinds of high-efficiency, eco-friendly and multifunctional surfactants is among the most leading direction to build up PESO defoamers. 

Selection factors

The physical and chemical characteristics of the ideal defoamer must fulfill the needs of the application system. Generally, the following needs should be thought about when choosing a defoamer:

(1) Strong defoaming ability, can effectively eliminate foam when working with a very bit

(2) It provides a lower surface tension when compared with a defoamed system

(3) Adding defoamer doesn't have an impact on the essential performance in the defoamed system

(4) Insoluble inside the defoaming system, rather than easily solubilized with the surfactant inside the system

(5) The very best tension balance is way better

(6) It does not communicate with the defoaming medium, nor can it be degraded and degraded, and contains good chemical stability

(7) It is good diffusibility and permeability, features a positive diffusion coefficient inside the foam medium, and contains a fast disbursing ability round the foam surface

(8) Good heat resistance, will not lose effectiveness at warm

(9) Good gas solubility and permeability

(10) It's high physiological activity and safety inside the defoaming system, as well as the defoaming representative is a non-toxic or low-toxic substance

(11) Have low chemical oxygen demand (COD), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), and total oxygen demand (TOD)

(12) Has good storage stability

(13) It provides an extended-term defoaming effect, along with a couple of defoamers can quickly defoam, but they'll fail to carry out an extended time

(14) Affordable

(15) Does not raise the surface viscosity in the surfactant aqueous solution.

It's not easy for defoamers to fulfill the above mentioned pointed out needs concurrently, and could only fulfill the needs in the defoamed system with regards to primary performance. Each defoamer is only able to work with any certain system or several systems, and a variety of defoamers might be selected for a similar foam system. For this reason, users should conduct experiments and choose the most effective and economical one. Defoamer. 

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