Indian Food – Top 4 Myths Debunked

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Did you know Indian cuisine is one of the most popular yet misunderstood cuisines in the world? Most people who have explored Indian food from the best Indian restaurant in Vancouver think that Indian cuisine is always hot, spicy, oily, rich, fatty, and unhealthy. The long list of ingredients used in Indian cooking alsocreates an impression thatpreparing Indian dishes is difficult and time-consuming. Like any cuisine, Indian food is diverse, ranging from spicy to mild and complex to simple. In this article, we’ve debunked the most common myths and misconceptions about Indian food.

Myth #1

Indian Food Is Always Hot and Spicy

While spices play a predominant role in Indian cooking, they do not always make the food spicy. It’s a fact that not all spices are used in all Indian foods; they are a matter of preference, and you can easily omit most of the spices from many dishes. The ultimate beauty of Indian cuisine is that a single spice is enough to enhance the taste of the main ingredient.

Myth #2

Indian Food is Fatty and Unhealthy

Making Indian food fatty or unhealthy depends on what ingredients you choose or the quantity of the ingredients you choose. You can cook an Indian dish with a cup of oil or make the same with a tablespoon or much lesser oil. It all depends on your choice. Moreover, there are many Indian dishes cooked in different cooking methods,including steaming, grilling, boiling, and more, and do not require oil.

Indian food also makes use of a good amount of vegetables, medicinal and healing spices, turmeric, ginger, garlic, and green chillies that can have a great positive impact on your health.

Myth #3

Indian Restaurant Serves only Vegetarian Dishes

The abundant use of vegetables in most of the Indian foods often pictures India as a vegetarian country, and it makes people believe that most of the Indian restaurant serves only vegetarian dishes. But, there are plenty of meal options one can find in an Indian restaurant menu that satisfies the palate of non-vegetarians too. Some of the popular Indian non-veg dishes include butter chicken, tandoori varieties, chicken tikka, chicken biryani, chicken korma, lamb korma, and more.

Myth #4

Curry Is the Main Course

When people think of Indian food, curry is often the first thing to come to their mind. But, curry is a term used for various dishes that can differ in ingredients, flavour, and taste. Each curry recipe is unique and can be modified based on your taste preferences. Moreover, the special blend, garam masala, is not used in the preparation of every Indian dish but sometimes added to enhance the flavour and fragrance.

Indian food is incredibly delicious, with its unique blend of flavours and spices. The intriguing nature of this cuisine makes it mysterious. When it comes to Indian food, it never disappoints anyone and has something for everyone. So, if you are looking for authentic Indian food in Vancouver, visit PalkiRestaurant. You can order online for Indian food delivery in North Vancouver or click to make an Indian restaurant reservation in Vancouver.

The author of this article is associated with the best Indian restaurant in Vancouver and writes about the uniqueness of Indian food. In this article, he debunks the common myths related to Indian food. Visit now.

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