What Are the Features Of Customer Support System?

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Customer support software & ticketing system is from origin a software program that enabled prdominently IT organizations and software vendors to resolve their IT support queries by managing and streamlining the process of issue resolution.

Over the years, other businesses that were dealing with complex services or with many client queries in general, started to use these support software & ticketing systems as well: because in the meantime they had matured and the proven procedures and structures to handle queries were recognised as added values.

There are now many features available in a help desk ticketing system, and the evolution of these systems has been rapid over the past two decades. There are A LOT of features available for companies to choose from when deciding what's important in their Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C) customer support software solution. Some of the features are listed below.

Customizable Ticket Submission Form

While not directly within a help desk ticketing system, choosing a system that allows for customized fields, tags or notes sections a in customer-facing ticket forms are vital for capturing the information you need.

Related Tickets

All help desk pros have been bombarded in the past with an increase of simple, repetitive requests and the long process of answering them all individually. A proper ticketing system auto bundles related tickets, or gives you to possibility to associate contact data (phone numbers, email addresses) with tickets.

Product and Inventory Association

Product and inventory management is a lifesaver for any company that deals with physical or virtual products. Instead of digging through external documents, it's easy to track this information for each customer, so it shows up directly on their ticket page. This can be done by connecting different systems (such as an inventory management) with the ticketing and contact modules: sometime this can be done by native solutions or a supplier that sells separate module, or by connecting mechanisms (API’s or connectors such as Zapier) if you use software from different vendors.

Customizable Ticket Status Options

Life isn't "open and closed," and neither is ticketing. Make sure you have a system with many status options that you can customize for your business. Emails can also be triggered to send to customers automatically when status changes.

Individual Ticket Queues

This effectively means that you can direct incoming queries based on the skill set of the employee. Another example is to have a 2 layer system, where the first line of defence takes all queries, and only when it becomes too complex the query will pass on to the next level. With individual queues, your employees can organize their tickets to be more efficient and even look at their colleagues' queues to see who needs help.

Customizable Ticket Templates

Choose a system where you can create several templates that can be loaded on command to make responding to tickets even easier. These templates can also be combined as needed if the ticket has multiple questions.

Ticket Tags

With the best support ticketing system, ticket tags are available. These allow for easy organization of tickets, and you can quickly spot popular or common issues.

SLA (Service Level Agreement) Status Information

With direct help desk SLA information right in the ticketing system, it's easier to prioritize tickets and avoid SLA violations. Think about for instance if your employees are supposed to answer emails in 2 working days, or call back customers within one business day. The urgency of any query can be easily managed, as well as the workload of the team.

Ticket Automation

Automation can perform many tasks, from reminding you that a ticket response is needed to route a ticket to a specific user, but it can also entail auto duplicate removal, auto closing of tickets and so much more.

Final Words

The right customer support system serves the business to achieve the shared goal of impeccable customer experience and prove customer support ROI to the management. So, consider making use of an all in 1 combined cloud crm and take your business to the next level.

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