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In all business environments, the telephone has played an essential role to communicate with customers and other stake holders. Despite the fact that we have many other communication means today, making a call is still a reliable, convenient and personal way to talk to someone. Emails, text based tools and even video calling have not reached the acceptance rate that the good old phone call does. It’s globally accepted, and unlike having to need a myriad of software apps on your phone or computer, everyone has access to this basic call function – in every smart phone and even when the customer is out of range of a 3G, 4G or even 5G tower and hence, (mobile) internet. However, time also moved on and nowadays, the best business phone systems are a type of hybrid forms that are able to make use of the best of all worlds – the emotion in your tone, the universal accessibility and the advantages of the internet where possible. Switching to a cloud based business phone system will enhance your business and provide y ou with tools that traditional phone systems can’t deliver.

What is a cloud based business phone system?

A cloud based phone service is a phone system that uses your internet connection instead of traditional copper based or ISDN lines. Instead of hardware installed on your premised, the ‘hardware’ is now somewhere in the cloud – effectively on a server in a distant location. Compare it to everybody uses cloud storage nowadays (dropbox, google drive) instead of portable harddisks. The cloud based phone system has a similar basic idea. The telephone stations have been replaced with software versions that communicate with the box via the internet and can be on your desktop, laptop or mobile, in the form of a softphone, or in a hardware version (like a desk phone) as a dedicated IP deskphone.

Cloud-based phone systems have become an integral part of our daily lives since they offer so much more flexibility and simplify a number of other processes. Integrations with existing systems, or even fully integrated with ticketing, email and other tools will make cloud based phone system a certain and indispensable part of our future.

Pros of Cloud-Based Phone Services

When you switch to a cloud based phone service, you’re buying a managed service instead of a product. The technicalities, maintenance and details of the working of the telephone system, is left to a third party whilst you can embrace all the advantages that internet based telephony has to offer. And when you think about it, it is also far more cost effective that having that premises bound box.

In order to understand how a cloud based phone service works, let’s take a look at the different phases and routings a VoIP call goes

a. Your voice is converted from analog into digital

b. The digitalized signal is broken down in little pieces (packets)

c. These packets travel through the Internet to the VoIP provider over secure channels

d. The VoIP provider uses a PBX (Private Branch eXchange) to determine where your call goes, for instance to another VoIP phone in your office, or to an external party in the normal phone network (eg a landline)

e. The packets reach the destination, are put together and transformed into a signal that your headphone or headset can play.

Some benefits of cloud based phone services are:

1. Mobility – where there is internet, you can make and receive calls

2. Scalability – based on software, cloud computing and cloud elasticity, capacity up or down is never an issue and does not depend on physical limitations

3. Reliability – cloud based phone systems are backed up by fall back (redundancy) systems

4. Cost effectiness – as with cloud computing, loads and traffic can be much better managed and therefore, costs are shared over a bigger user base

5. No maintenance – the responsibility for availability of the systems are with the provider and not in your office

6. No additional infrastructure – your telephone system makes use of existing internet connections, pc’s, laptop or mobiles

7. Always the most up to date technology -


Looking to have a cloud based business phone number for your business? Look no further than Tiggadesk. Tiggadesk is a cloud and browser-based, enterprise-grade communication center that has a cloud based business phone system that has integrated tools to enable seamless and superior customer communication.

The author of this article specialises in setting up and the design of a cloud based business phone system. In this article, he discusses a cloud-based business phone system. To learn more, visit

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