Know the Benefits of Fixed Gas Detection System

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Fixed gas detector systems are installed to ensure constant security of areas and staff around the clock. The warning device such as Simtronics GD10P is designed to alert staff to the possible risk of exposure to poisonous gas poisoning, asphyxiation due to loss of oxygen or combustible gas explosions.

What Danger Is Raised By Gas Hazards?

There are three types of gas hazard; oxygen loss, toxicity, and explosive gases.

Oxygen Depletion

It can occur where gas concentrations other than ambient air have the potential for high concentrations. In order to decrease the oxygen content to a level that it is dangerous for an operator to reach, even non-explosive or non-toxic gas may displace ample atmospheric air. A special danger is in places where gas storage tanks are located in a confined space where access, i.e. boiler room, is unusual but necessary.

Toxic Gases

It may occur in several ways; any toxic gases that could exist can be detected by a risk assessment. In an environment where there is a risk for the release of poisonous gases into the atmosphere, that gas should be tracked by a particular sensor and should be warned before the concentration reaches the exposure limit.

The general misconception is that an oxygen sensor is used to track poisonous gases under the premise that when oxygen is displaced, it would warn. A standard oxygen sensor will give a volume resolution of 0.1%. This will warn when there is a 0.1 % volume or 1,000ppm concentration. This is not an effective toxic gas detection strategy, since certain gases are toxic at concentrations below 1,000 ppm.

Explosive Gases

Using either IR (infrared) or catalytic sensors, explosive gases are controlled. Many gases at the proper concentration can be explosive, so a variety of explosive gases can be identified by both methods, but they give different sensitivities for different gases. Both potentially explosive gases must be identified and the gas with the lowest explosive limit should be chosen as your objective gas mostly Methane or Pentane. The fixed device should usually warn at 50 % of the LEL.

Conduct Of Gas Threat

It is important to determine the gas hazard and correctly define the system. Both gases have varying weights of molecules and can behave in various ways. The solution for gases such as carbon monoxide and gases significantly heavier than air, such as nitric oxide and hydrogen sulphide, is to place the fixed detectors as close as possible to the height to which workers are exposed. The heavier carbon dioxide would appear to sink to the level of the floor, so this is where the detectors should be. When tracking the loss of oxygen, it is important to understand what could displace it. If oxygen is absorbed by combustion fuels, the whole volume of air will eventually become exhausted.

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