All That You Want to Know About Banana Trade

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The present article is all about bananas. It talks about things like where these tropical fruits are grown and how they help in revenue generation for a country etc.

The banana industry is a very important part of the world-wide industrial agribusiness. About 15% of the global banana production goes to export and to international trade in the Western countries. This favorite fruit of many is grown by small-scale farmers and plantation workers in the tropical regions of the world. They are the staple food for the millions of people in developing countries and a favorite fruit in the grocery basket.

Bananas are grown both on small family farms and have much larger commercial plantations. The banana industry is one of the well-known in the world and provides employment to thousands of people in Latin America, Southeast Asia, West Africa, and a lot more. It generates a significant amount of Forex earnings that governments across the world can depend on for the purpose of improving education, infrastructure health, and social services.

Top-quality bananas like RFA certified bananas are much in demand all across the world. For instance, Windward Islands traditionally earn around one-fifth of their total earnings only from bananas only. For the countries like Costa Rica and Ecuador, the figures can go up to 9 and 8 percent respectively. In addition to that, the banana industry employs thousands of people in supermarkets and in the distribution networks all across the world.

Trading in bananas is a cornerstone for many developing countries and economies. But, the social problems in the industry are complex. Reports of many problems in the banana industry are often highlighted.

 There are so many problems associated with the trade like low wages, precarious employment, and handling of environmentally hazardous chemicals without adequate protection which is a dampener. Otherwise, high-quality bananas like rainforest alliance certified bananas are the best export to the other countries and fetch a good amount of revenue and contributing to the countries’ GDP.

There are a number of smallholder farmers that are dependent solely on growing bananas there are a number of challenges too. There is a rise in the cost of production but the prices remain stagnant. The severe impact of changing weather and climate can make production unsustainable and unpredictable.

Bananas are grown by small-scale farmers and a lot of plantation workers in the tropical regions also. These fruits are the staple food for millions of people all across the world in developing countries. If you want the best deals on it choose to buy it in retail from the best banana company in Germany or elsewhere that is certified for exporting bananas and has a good repute in the market. The company that has the vision to work with the banana trade to create the best value for the producers and can ensure that the customers get the best price is a good deal indeed.

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