How Companies Can Customize Lanyards to Boost And Strengthen Their Brand Image

by Luis Senon on Nov 25, 2019 Advertising 66 Views

The truth about today's business market is simple. It is 'what shows, sells', meaning visibility is one of the most important catalysts for a business's success. Either you up the game about increasing visibility for your business through smart marketing techniques or your business can end up in serious trouble.


The need for increased visibility for faster branding:


However, in an already saturated market, snatching attention for yourself is a task easier said than done, right? Doing something well enough is one thing, but convincing people that you do it better than many others, is a different story altogether. This is especially true for businesses that are practically startups, with limited work experience to show on their portfolio and even more limited budget for multi-channel marketing. Then how do they take a bit out for themselves - increase their visibility and command a bit of interest - in a market dominated by corporate giants. One has to remember that this fight for visibility and credibility has to be directed both towards potential buyers and potential employees. After all, building a brand isn't a one way traffic!


A cost-effective solution in customized lanyards:


While a new brand still needs to invest in conventional marketing channels like digital marketing, participating in trade shows and events and even go for advertisements in newspaper or television, one of the more cost-effective ways to boost the marketing efforts is to go for customized lanyards.


When a company, even a startup, decides to customize lanyards, it essentially puts itself forth to command attention and interest, especially at trade shows and events. There are a few reasons for that.


Not many would think that customizing lanyards can take their businesses a long way as far as marketing is concerned. However, they would be mistaken. Custom lanyards are a wonderful way to put the word out about a business to target audience. Besides, they are useful and can be used to hold just about anything, starting from identity cards, to water bottles, to pens and keys. The best part is, a business doesn't need to shell out a lot of money to Customize lanyard.


Some benefits of using custom lanyards:

1) Brand identity: When you are trying to establish brand identity, having your employees, especially customer-facing professionals like sales people and technicians, wear custom lanyards or even customized paper wristbands can be a good idea. These will make it clear to others who they work for when they are meeting people outside the premises. Inside the premises, these lanyards will help to promote a sense of belonging, brand loyalty and teamwork.

2) Networking opportunities: At trade shows and events, well designed lanyards and wristbands in your employees can help to attract attention. These items can help other attendees understand that you take pride in your company. Besides, they can also be great conversation starters.

3) Customer and employee loyalty: Since it takes a lot of time and effort to earn loyalty from customers and employees, a brand should know how to reward this loyalty. Along with other gifts, gifting them with well designed lanyards to hold pens and keys can be a great idea. Make sure you print phone number and tagline, maybe even a few of your services on the lanyards, along with your brand name. This will ensure that the lanyards even do some brand promotion while your clients or employees are using them.


That custom lanyards and paper wristband can prove to be invaluable marketing and branding materials for startups is an established fact. However, even corporate giants and multinational companies put much importance in these items is proven by the heavy usage of such lanyards and wristbands at events, tradeshows and official meetings.


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