COVID-19 Update: How To Score A Free Car Removal Service In Sydney During COVID-19?

by Yasin Azimi on Jul 30, 2021 Article Marketing 104 Views

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone indirectly and directly. Business owners have had to deal with the massive hits to their bottom line. Some people have lost their jobs. And while Australia is not as gravely affected as other countries, the economic slowdown is still felt by all walks of life!

If you want to make some extra cash during this pandemic and have an old car sitting in your garage, it’s worth looking at free car removal services. You can get some instant cash for a junk vehicle while freeing up space in your home. Don’t worry; the best providers of free car removal services abide by all applicable COVID-19 safety guidelines.

When Do You Need To Look For Free Car Removal?

Some cars are simply not worth repairing anymore. Here are some signs that it’s time to sell your vehicle to a car removal company:

  1. Excessive Repairs

Going to the repair shop on a regular day is already exhausting. What more if you have to do it constantly in the middle of a pandemic? Don’t risk your safety any further. Solve all your problems by having your car wrecked instead of dealing with non-stop trips to the mechanic.

  1. Old Age

Most cars can last up to eight years, given that you take good care of them. They will start to show signs of aging once they surpass the 150,000-mile mark. If you no longer feel safe driving your car, it’s time to let it go!

  1. Low Fuel Efficiency

Has your car become very inefficient? It’s much better to get rid of it now than keep spending a lot on gas cash in the long run.

  1. Low On Cash

What if you simply need an extra few thousand dollars for groceries and bills? Car removal is a great way to earn cash, especially during these uncertain times. You can also use the cash from your old car and put it towards your budget for a newer vehicle so you can get around quickly and conveniently during this pandemic, without having to rely on avoid public transportation.

Free Car Removal Services During Covid-19 — Is It Possible?

Vehicle repair and mechanical services in NSW are authorised during the pandemic. However, your safety is still the number one priority, and you might not want to risk travelling as the number of cases rise.

Don’t worry; there isn’t a need to leave your home at all. You can call Omega Cash for Cars at 0401 234 711 for free car removal services, complete with free towing straight from your location!

Our staffs are trained to follow strict physical distancing protocols during COVID-19, using safe towing procedures with state-of-the-art machinery. Once we arrive at your home, we will simply conduct a car inspection and pay you on the spot! Plus, you don’t have to prepare any paperwork except for your ID. Everything else is on us!

Earn up to $9000 in cash during the COVID-19 pandemic and put your trust in Omega Cash for Cars!

About The Author

Omega Cash for Cars is a licensed car removal and wrecker company in Sydney that promises to offer you the best instant cash value. Yasin Azimi, the Chief Operations Manager at Omega Cash for Cars is having years of expertise in this industry. He provides a wide range of "Cash for Cars", "Car Removal", "Eco-friendly Disposal", and "Free Towing" services to his customers. This company is known as the best car removal service provider in Sydney that pays you the best value for your unwanted car. Yasin Azimi and his team of experts buy cars reasonably & efficiently by offering free car removal and towing services. In addition, he provides you with the best deals that you won't find at any other vehicle removal company!


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