7 Different Major Types of Law to Practice

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Most law schools expect their students to know about the different types of law practice. Usually, as the students go on to senior years, they come to know about the different types of law practice and accordingly choose the right field of law as their profession.
In this article, we discuss the major types of law to practice.
1. Bankruptcy law
A bankruptcy lawyer represents the creditors (businesses or individuals who own the money or the debt) or debtors (companies or individuals who owe money or debt to creditors). A bankruptcy attorney would spend their workday reviewing the drafting motions as well as the review documents, among other filings. They focus more on investigating and preparing the necessary documents to prove the case of their clients. They usually do not spend too much time in court.
Students of trusts and estates law who wish to take up bankruptcy law need to get knowledge in the below-mentioned areas:
1. Consumer finance
2. Tax law
3. Bankruptcy law
4. Contracts
5. Securities
6. Corporations
2. Business law
It is called corporate or commercial law. It is a broadly used term to identify attorneys that work issues related to business. This often includes the creation of new entities or the merger of two entities. They specialize in handling the issues that impact the business entity. An attorney specializing in business law is mainly employed in-house with the company or huge law firms.
Now, business law includes many legal disciplines such as:
1. Intellectual property law
2. Tax law
3. Contract law
4. Real estate law
5. Employment law
6. Bankruptcy law
This law can be complex. Therefore, students who like to work on complex financial cases may find business law interesting.
3. Civil rights law
A civil rights lawyer specializes in the expansion and protection of the civil rights of people. The civil rights attorney may either work for the government or for different organizations that are non-profit in nature. Moreover, various individuals also seek the services of this lawyer to fight their cases in the court of law. Civil rights will open your door to various civil issues and concerns that require a proper channel to voice their concerns. You can take that opportunity and become a medium to communicate the civil rights issues in society. If you want to opt for civil rights and the subject that you need to cover include:
1. Disability law
2. Constitutional law
3. Law on racism
4. Mediation
5. Housing discrimination
6. Trail advocacy
4. Criminal law
It mainly focuses on different acts created and sanctioned as per the criminal code. A criminal lawyer generally works as a defense lawyer or prosecutor. These lawyers are required to have aggressive and outgoing personalities.
A criminal lawyer spends most of their time in the court of law to prove the case on behalf of their clients. Therefore, if you consider practicing this law, you need to be prepared for appearances in court to fight the case for your client. A criminal lawyer usually has a higher caseload. Therefore, they need to process detailed information quickly as well as be proactive with their thoughts. This is a highly challenging branch of law and often has the highest burnout rate among lawyers.
5. Environment law
Students who love nature and like to spend most of their time outdoors with the environment mostly tend to take environmental law as law practice. The environment attorney has to devote time to analyzing and reading diverse and complex treaties, statutes, conventions, and regulations based on federal, state, and transactional law.
If you want to specialize in this law, you need to be well-versed with the latest environmental regulations in the region. Or the new development regulations that could have a detrimental impact on the environment as a whole.
6. Family law
This law generally focuses on sour relationships between families or individuals. This law often includes adoption, child welfare, or divorce. Lawyers practicing this law are typically employed with small law firms and like to help people negotiate through the most challenging and emotional moments in their lives.
As the family law attorney, you may have to deal with broken families and relationships fighting out in the court of law for the rights of their children. Sometimes it may get emotionally taxing.. therefore, you need to maintain your calm while handling such cases.
7. Immigration law
The immigration law is generally related to achieving citizenship of a country, either permanent or temporary. The immigration law attorney helps immigrants from other countries get citizenship or residentship in the current region. These attorneys usually find employment with various government agencies, private immigration law firms, or non-profit companies.
Immigration lawyers represent clients with issues related to the extension of visas and grants to stay in the country. If you are considering immigration law as the field of study, then you need to take the following courses:
1. Constitutional law
2. Administrative law
3. International human rights
4. Employment discrimination
5. Refugee policy and law
These are the top 7 types of law to practice. If you want more information about trusts and estates law, you must visit New Law Business Model today.

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Summary - Information about the different types of law practice will help you choose the right field in your law career and find growth and success. 

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