How to Start a Hairdressing Salon In Kolkata

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The discussion on how to start a hairdressing salon in Kolkata is important because today Bengali girls are more educated than past and serious to join professional fields.

According to the Online abedon blog, career opportunities for girls are equal to boys. Data shows that the high school and 12th pass girls are more interested in group C and D vacancies under West Bengal state government jobs.

However, high qualified women seek their specialized fields to fulfill their dream as professionals. But if you are a high school pass girl with a diploma in beautician course and eager to become a small beauty salon owner then, starting a hairdressing salon in Kolkata is a nice option.

Hairdressing salon in Kolkata

As you know, the beauty of an Indian woman is incomplete unless she has long, dense hair. Moreover, hair is a special beauty feature that is changeable and can be given any creative look.

That’s why women of all ages, from a little schoolgirl to a growing teenager and from a college girl to a professional lady, can play with their hairstyles and experiment with their looks in hair salons.

For this reason, a hairdressing salon in Kolkata is a lucrative small business.

But to succeed in the hairdressing business like any other, you need to put some things together. These include getting trained in a good hairdressing school. You also need money to start your own hairdressing salon. And you must equip your salon with tools, equipment, furnishing, and consumables.

Acquire Good Hairdressing Training

A lot of hair salons claim to teach hair styling. But it is important that you take basic training from the best hairdressing salons that have built a reputation in Kolkata and have a huge client base.

Even if you have a diploma, getting basic training as an apprentice will give you a better sense of the beauty salon environment and you will grow quickly.

Look to Invest in Your Business

No matter how small you want to start a hairdressing salon in Kolkata, you need to look for capital to invest in this business. Even if you are not paying for rent yet, you need to get some tools and consumables.

You also need to furnish your shop with chairs, mirrors, dryers, and other equipment. Of course, you can start your hairdressing business with little investment, but it pays more if you can get a suitable space with good furnishings and pimping.

Get A Salon Space And Equipment

#1. Salon Space – Your salon space does not have to be big to be impressive even if you decide to open Hairdressing Salon In Kolkata at home. But make sure it’s in an accessible or a commercial place. You can get a small salon space and decorate it to make it beautiful.

One thing you must consider is that women love beautiful things and colors. So if you can put some attractive items here and there with a touch of good color blending, your customers will feel comfortable in your salon.

#2. Dryer – The dryer is probably the most important tool you need to start your hairdressing business. The amount of dryers you need depends on how big or small your salon is. And one or two dryers are good if you’re starting at a small level. As time goes on, you can increase the number of dryers in your salon.

#3. Power supply – Whether you run a big or small hairdressing salon in Kolkata, your beauty salon will crumble if you don’t arrange a regular power supply when needed. You need the power to operate the dryer and other equipment in your salon.

#4. Towels – You need to get enough towels to support your beauty salon. Your towels should be of different sizes and must be always neat and dry.

#5. Nail accessories – To extend your money-making opportunity, you need to offer nail treatment services also called manicure and pedicure services. Women not only care for their hair, but they also care a lot about their nails. (both hands and feet).

#6. Other Consumables- Extra funds you will need to maintain the supply of useful consumables. These include shampoo, relaxer, scissors, different colors of paint, creams, oils, nail polishes, brushes, filers, cortex, etc.

#7. Add A Little Comfort. Your customers desire some comfort. So install fans or air conditioners in your salon. Remember, dyers can be very discomforting. But with some cooling systems in place, your customers will feel comfortable in your beauty salon.

Keep Up With The Styling Trend

A very important thing that you should consider is that hairstyles keep on changing depending on the trend and taste of the client. Some of them keep the charm for generations while some go out of fashion. So what you can do is create your own hairstyles and present them to customers.

Giving them this kind of service will keep them coming back and referring other clients to your salon through word of mouth.


You can start a hairdressing salon in Kolkata in a big way or as a small business at home. But make sure you know how to satisfy your customers with good training, trending hairstyles at an affordable price, and fantastic customer service.

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