How shrink sleeves are solving challenges of cannabis companies

by Nano Grafix on Apr 15, 2021 Customer Service 120 Views

The growing need for cannabis products globally has seen a rise in the number of companies in this industry. With the huge demand while there is huge scope for profitability for the companies there are also some risks.

See, one is to ensure that your cannabis products cannot be easily duplicated or counterfeited by anyone. The second one is to ensure that you have an ever stronghold on capturing the maximum market as far as possible. This is because of the growing competition among players within the cannabis products manufacturing companies.

It seems as though shrink sleeves will provide the perfect solution to all of this. Want to know how? Ensure you read the rest of the article to get a brief but comprehensive idea.

Make your brand stand apart from the others

Shrink sleeves are a great way to ensure that your brand is easily recognized among the many rival brands. You can design your creative shape for the bottle or go with a unique printing pattern or design in the cannabis product bottles and jars to get customer attraction and building your brand image and value.

Reduce the risk of duplicating or counterfeiting your products

Shrink sleeves are a great way to completely negate counterfeiting your products and duplicating them. Anyone with such mal intentions will find it almost impractical to have such unique designs and prints as you design them in your shrink sleeves.

Get some more space for providing product information and legal rights and standards

With the help of shrink sleeves, you also get added space to include a few more information. This space can be used for including the details of the products, ingredients within the cannabis product, how to take, side effects, and precautions. You can also include your legal rights that prove to the customer that you have all the licenses and legal rights to manufacture the cannabis products.

Add some more security features such as holographic labels with the shrink sleeves or a QR code giving complete company information

With the help of shrink sleeves now you can add some more security features in the bottles and jars such as designing a holographic label with the company tagline or the brand logo. Or else you can go for imprinting a QR code scanning which on any Smartphone will provide all the product and company information.

Shrink sleeves great way to tamper-proof the labels

Normal labels made from simple paper or ordinary plastic easily tamper able. They do not give you any security to your products, unlike a shrink sleeve that will. The shrink sleeves are made from a tamper-proof coating of plastic thus rendering more security and credibility for your products to the customer.

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