Growing Business: Customer Service Is The Key

by Kah Wah Wee on Aug 5, 2021 Customer Service 123 Views

In today’s modern consumer environment, most people are shopping and gathering information online. They’ll send you queries or simply place the order in your online shop, and expect the item to be delivered. However, given the fast growth of the online selling channel, sellers, mostly small businesses, are sometimes taken by surprise and have trouble with managing their customers efficiently. This may lead to frustrated customers writing negative reviews, which could be detrimental to the further growth of your online business. It needs to be avoided and is a big no-no to any business. A ticketing system is nowadays a popular tool as it will make your operation and customer contacts more efficient and can help you increase sales.

Aside from having excellent customer service, using a tool such as an advanced and all-in-one ticketing system IT would be more effective. This tool allows more seamless transactions and communication between customers and your company. It enables your company to keep track of queries, especially those concerning more time to resolve as well as it builds trust with customers simultaneously. The ticketing management system also allows you to build processes that are smooth and make transactions and communication faster, aiming for higher customer satisfaction. By using a ticketing tool in the right way, you can make your customers feel that they’re, despite your highly automated contact management, never talking to an automated service, but always deal with a real person.

IT ticket management software is used by many companies from around the world. It all started with the IT sector as they would handle lots of questions in a field that was just starting out. One of the great advantages is, is that your organisation no longer relies on a team member’s personal business email address, but that all incoming mail can be handled by a group of people. The ticket management software eradicates the reliance and dependence on individual team members, regardless whether we are talking incoming mail, incoming calls or even online chat session. Despite or better, thanks to a ticket management, communication with your customer can still be very personal, which most customers value. But you are assured, that processes are streamlined, standardised and potential hick-ups eliminated before they even occur.

Once a person buys goods from your store, think about the fact that the whole buying experience and reputation building means that customers also expect great customer service included. By using the right tool, you can provide swift and quality answers and hence, offer excellent customer service that actually contributes to your business instead of being regarded as a cost center.

Having the best customer support will not only give you 5-stars reviews, but also make the reviewers advocating how good your business is. And no surprise, if that happens, you will not just get 5-stars reviews and free advertising, but in the mid to long term returning customers and more profit.

Consider this: Always Remember.

When using ticketing management software, there might be a time that you will need support from these companies, because you need to figure out a feature, something not working or simply an unclarity.

On top of that, just like with any other tool, their software itself might need maintenance, bug fixing, updates or other issues to be resolved. Nothing special, but we’ve seen occasions where companies had to shut it down for a few hours or worst case, a day. And for your business, a day without the tool is essential since you build your customer service and processes around it, and potentially cost you money.

So do your research before signup with any ticketing management software companies. Look for the best IT support ticketing system that the provider has themselves. Do they offer local help staff? Can you easily contact them, for instance via webchat, telephone, special emails or even bug reporting buttons? Consider those companies who offer online real-time platform status pages, share reported issues. And equally important, make sure that these companies inform you and send notifications if they have to fix issues or do upgrades in the system, giving you the opportunity to plan ahead.

And on the human side of things, remind your team that’s handling your customers, that customers can be cranky at times. Make sure your staff doesn’t take it personally, instead, help them to vent out. Your customers are frustrated as their expectations were not met, and are a great opportunity to look at and improve your services, products or processes.

Lastly, as a business owner, take care of your people, because they’ll take care of your business. It might sound cliché, but it is a simple and often overlooked truth. Your staff know the processes of your business, your products or services and are consumers themselves. It’s a good custom to listen to their feedback from their customer contacts, their own experience as it will keep them motivated and more effective in dealing with all the different customers they encounter every day.

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